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My name is Gwyneth Windsor. I live in France, though I'm English. I grew up on a naval training ship, called TS Arethusa,where boys combined an education with training to be sailors. At University I studied Theology, and was a Religious Education Teacher in a High School in the UK for 15 years. My other careers have been fun too. I ran a soft furnishing shop for twelve years, making everything from hand made patchwork cushions to curtains. Another bit of my career involved me in Publishing. I wrote a number of educational books, and worked as ICT Advisor for what was then the biggest educational publisher in the UK. My daughter and I write CDROMs, for education - about 250 in all, and also CDROMs for crafting - cardmaking and scrapbooking. For several years we sold the crafting CDROMs and our craft designs eg for card making etc, on a well known UK Shopping Channel that specialises in Crafts. The CDROMs and a few of our craft products, including 3D decoupage, etc are available WindsorARts shop on eCrater. I'm trying to find the time to pur more up. We enjoy designing, and many of our designs find their way on to Zazzle products, where our shop is also called Windsorarts. Our Manga artist, AKA Nekoni, works mainly on commissioned artwork. We live in the Jura, a wine and cheese producing region of France, and at various times have different animals. At the moment we have three beautiful horses. We also keep goats, chickens and ducks, and of course there are usually some dogs and cats around. We thoroughly enjoy our life in the foothills of the mountains.

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  • Anime Fashion: Hair Styles

    Anime Fashion: Hair Styles

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    When you step into the world of anime, you step into a world of wacky colored hair and crazy hairstyles! After you've watched a couple of series, though, you might notice that certain types of characters have certain...