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The following is a press relese for my book "Up One Level." Not written by me, it explains me easier than I could and probably more accurate.


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Up One Level

Author Shares Wisdom on Serious World Issues, Potential Solutions

BRADENTON, Fla. – “I am here to judge right from wrong, make no mistake about it,” Craig Underhill Suits asserts right away in his new book, Up One Level (published by AuthorHouse). “I will lay blame where I see it, cut, dried, and right to the point.”

True to his word, there is no ambivalence or flip-flopping to be found in Suits’ look at the dire issues affecting our world today. Up One Level is an engaging, three-part, 711 page, 33 chapter book focused on the survival of humanity, the moral degradation of America, and solutions for curing a few of America’s more serious problems, such as bringing global religious insanity to a screeching halt, eliminating up to 150 million excess and illegal guns in America, and ending wars forever. According to Suits:

The paramount reason for writing this book is to make the world aware of the root causalities of war. Without an awareness and understanding of these root causes, humanity is doomed to repeat its mistakes. Mistakes we must find solutions for right now, before our own technology consumes us all. Replace a blown fuse in a TV set and chances are it will soon blow again if the original problem is not found and rectified. So it goes with humanity and war.

But the subjects Suits covers go far beyond war. In the “Religion” section, Suits shares his thoughts in chapters such as “The Big Bang. The Beginning?,” “God: Our Merciful Father of King of the Terrorists?,” and “Another Day That Will Live in Infamy.” The section entitled “While I Have Your Attention. The Matter With America” features chapters about Suits’ firm stance on everything from the Jerry Springer Show to drugs, homosexuality, guns, professional wrestling, racism, freedom of speech, and partisan politics and filibusters.

Suits reminds readers that One Level Up covers serious material, but it isn’t all about doom and gloom. “There is a measure of humor, interesting facts, statistics, and true short stories,” writes Suits, “but don’t let all that cloud the one thing you MUST come to understand and deal with immediately. And that is, my friends, the very survival of humanity.”

Craig Underhill Suits began his writing career in 2001, just after the disaster on Sept. 11. Inspired by the event to share his thoughts on humanity and contribute towards its continued existence, Suits wrote One Level Up over the course of almost five years. It is his first book, although he is currently working on two others. For more information, visit http://dooahhh1.com/uolthebook.html.

AuthorHouse is the premier book publisher for emerging, self-published authors. For more information, please visit www.authorhouse.com.

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