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I have chosen the user name of Craiglyn because it is a combination of my husband Craig's name and mine - Lynda. It came to me when I was setting this up initially as a thought.

I will clear the air immediately upon setting up my profile. I lost my love and best friend three years ago this coming September 4th to cancer. Through this last year I have learned to communicate with him telepathically, and I have just written a book about my experiences since his passing. He was and still is, my soul mate.

I was born in Toronto into a neighbourhood rich with Italians - having an Italian background myself. And this has been fodder for seveal blogs that I have done during my years of researching and finding information in my genealogy quest. I got my feet wet, so to speak, blogging about my family history, both ancestors that I heard many stories about, and present day family. I have also blogged about various places I have traveled to.

My interests are writing, reading, gardening, travel and entertaining. I look forward to meeting other people of like mind on Hubpages.

"A Breath Away" has just been published and is available through Friesen Press, Amazon and Chapters. Signed copies are also available through me. Check out my website: http://www.lyndamatthews.com

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      • Banned Followers

        Banned Followers

        5 years ago

        I have a least two followers who have since been banned from Hubpages.   Is there a way to delete these followers off of your profile as it gives a false number count.

      • Problem with my latest Hub

        Problem with my latest Hub

        5 years ago

        There are two problems with my latest hub.  Last night when I was setting it up I noticed that after entering my title and then the category that I wanted it to fit in,  there was no place to enter the tag...

      • Statistics


        5 years ago

        I sure don't understand my statistics page and what they base the scores at.  A hub that I did last week  -  Part one of a series  -Villa in Tuscany has had 0 comments and only 14 views and all of a...

      • How do I share a Hub

        How do I share a Hub

        5 years ago

        I feel dumb but I haven't yet figured out how to share a hub.  I.E. If I read someone else's hub, a follower of mine,  and I want to promote her hub by "sharing" it with the rest of the hubbers ...

      • Google Adsense

        Google Adsense

        5 years ago

        I was initially turned down for Google Adsense because of course I didn't know I didn't have enough hubs and traffic.   Once over 20 hubs and more traffic I applied again.  On September 11 I got an email...