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I had one of the most stiff profiles in all Hubville. When I first joined this community I had the impression this was sort of a corporate ladder, linkedin kind of site... So, if you've read my previous profile, I promise it won't happen again.

I am your inquisitive mind, adventurous, hyper, gypsy-spirited woman. Live, love, laugh had been a divine Trinity throughout my life. Of course, one is not deprived from ups and downs in life, but I have to say I am most grateful of my path so far.

I have three blessed children, whom I have the privilege to mother... Divorced twice, not that I carry too much baggage for that matter... I strive for half glass full. I truly believe the Universe answers your requests, so wish carefully.

There are so many ways to earn money online... with emphasis on EARNING...

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Rather read me in Spanish?


crazywicca.blogspot.com - My real CrazyGata thoughts, unedited

wiccanlatino.blogspot.com - Meditations for the everyday Hispanic Pagan

loizapr.blogspot.com - News and analysis of Loiza municipality and Puerto Rico

In English! wiccanthink.blogspot.com - My two cents for my Pagan sisters and brothers

Mithra anyone?

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