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I write primarily gaming and technology articles, though I do have a great interest in personal fitness and writing. You can join me on Hubpages, and start writing and earning yourself, by clicking This Link

I have written over 100 articles for Factoidz, and over 300 for Triond in my first year as an online freelancer. Over time, I honed my writing abilities and was able to begin writing on Demand Studios, Suite 101 and Brighthub, where many of my articles can be found.

If you have any questions about writing online, making money online, or what, exactly, I get out of writing, please feel free to ask me a question or send me a message and I'll be sure to respond.

I am currently a student, and studying takes up a large portion of my time. I have decided to start writing for Hubpages because it seems like the only CPM based writing site that has weathered Google's infamous Panda update safely. Most of my articles on here will deal with writing online or with gaming and technology, as those seem to be my areas of expertise that most people can relate to.

So please, read one of my hubs, leave a comment and some feedback, and happy hubbing!

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  • Was Hitler the Cause of the Second World War?

    Was Hitler the Cause of the Second World War?

    4 years ago

    The Second World War was the largest and most destructive war in modern history, claiming millions of lives and changing tens of millions forever. Can the blame for this conflict be placed on Hitler?

  • World War 1: Letter from Ypres

    World War 1: Letter from Ypres

    6 years ago

    Ypres was a brutal battle in the First World War that led to the deaths of thousands of allied soldiers that resulted in the capture of only a few miles of territory. Ypres was also the first modern battle in which...