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daisynicolas profile image


Joined 7 years ago from Alaska




Also follow me on:

A diary of a single mommie to a lab retriever.

Featuring topics on my life as a mommie; nurturing and caring a dog; from my dog's point of view; from mommie's vantage point.

More subjects to cover on single-blessedness; relationship issues; self-improvement, friendships.

Stories on Alaskan life with my dog will include lodge work, cooking & baking; wildlife; Alaskan living.

Lots of photos to share the captive beauty I see.

Personal Achievement I am proud of. Teaching myself how to rollerblade and ice skate to achieve physical "balance." Ever since I was a kid, I was always teased and taunted for not knowing how to "balance." Therefore, I couldn't do any sports that require this. Several years ago, as a way-over-there adult, on my first summertime living in Anchorage, I promised to conquer a lot of things that inhibited me to experience life. The first baby step was to teach myself how to skate via rollerblades. My kitchen floor bore the evidence of blade marks. I shrugged these off when I realized my knees did not buckle--I could do it. The next day, I found a straight flat pavement with reachable fence along the Coastal Trail. With my reluctant bolts and my screeching pauses, I felt maniacally passionate to overcome my awkward posturing on rollerblades. I was exuberant with glee and wishing that if only mother could see me now. Everyday I added a foot of pavement away from the fence each time my courage would allow me. My chutzpaz screamed for a little turn and a little descent. I met the turns and slight downward bumps with trepidation, and when I didn't fall (which was seldom), I screamed like a champ. I accepted the bruises and cuts as my badges of courage. As termination dusted the Anchorage bowl, it was a glorious moment to savor that I have conquered one item on my bucketlist. My exuberance could not wait for winter's bestowing of icy wonder pond. Hey, if I could stand on rollerblades on my own, then I could do it too on ice skates. Though, there was a different technical scenario between ice and pavement, with the help of cross country skiing poles, I glided slowly. The sight of me on the pond, awkward, ungraceful but giddily determined to make my first winter....a Norman Rockwell dream come true.

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