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Hi there!

I'm Dan. I believe in living life to the full. So far I've been a shop assistant, biotechnologist and I'm now a computer programmer and Internet guru. I've had a lot of fun starting my own businesses. I like cooking, photography and travelling. I'm obsessed with personal finance and saving money. I also love writing, and I have published 200 hubs so far.

I have a mountain of topics I want to share with my fellow 'hubbers. Need a cure for RSI? Want to know how to make money online? Want to get started with passive income from Clickbank or Facebook ads? Thinking about dating an Asian woman? Need to know about investing in ETFs? It's all here! I've even written a hub about hubs!

My other sites include cure your rsi and my portal about Asian dating sites.

By the way, all the text on this site is written by me and the photos are taken by me, so please don't use either without permission. I love it when you comment on my hubs, but I normally delete blogspam. Many Thanks!

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