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LatinEuro - Find Beautiful Latina Women Online

Updated on April 9, 2012

If you're looking for a girlfriend or wife from Central or South American then one possibility is to use the LatinEuro dating site. LatinEuro is one of the largest latin dating sites online, and it has thousands of members. Here's a review of LatinEuro, plus warnings about dating scammers and some other alternatives to LatinEuro.

LatinEuro dating site review

LatinEuro is a dating site with men and women from a wide range of countries. It focuses on the Latin American dating scene. Mostly this is arranging marriages between North American (usually American and Canadian) men and Latin American women. The women on LatinEuro are from a range of countries, but the majority of them are from Brazil, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico and Peru. The women tend to be in the 20-40 age range. The men tend to be older, as few younger men have the financial resources to go looking for a wife in another country.

Although there are thousands of dating sites, very few of them are any good. Some are full of scammers. Some are very expensive. Many of them have no website ownership details, so you really have no idea who is looking after your personal details. Thankfully LatinEuro is a legitimate site, and it's based in Miami, USA.

The site is fairly basic, and it doesn't have the sophisticated search facilities of other sites like Latin American Cupid. Basically you can just search on sex, the country the person is in, their height and city. LatinEuro has over 15,000 members, so be prepared to do a lot of searching! Obviously it helps if you know what country you want your partner to be from, and an ideal age range.

The members aren't all marriage minded - some are just looking for friendship and some fun. If you're looking for a marriage partner then make sure you select marriage minded people.

Once you've searched you get pages of search results with men or women matching your criteria. You can then click through to see a large photo of the person, and some details about them. One thing you'll notice is that Latinas aren't as modest as Asian women, and it's common to see photos of girls in swimwear, lingerie and even beach thongs! While men are sometimes told to avoid women posting scantily clad photos (they are often more likely to be scammers), the other side of the coin is that women who are seriously looking for a man will often post provocative photos in an effort to get maximum attention.

Once you've found some members you want to contact, you can add them to your shopping cart. This sounds a bit odd for a dating site, but dating sites, nightclubs, bars, they're all meat markets really. You can make a payment to the site, and in return you're given the contact details for that member. There are discounts if you request the contact details of several members at once. As with all dating, it's a numbers game, so the more members you contact, the more chance you have of finding your special someone. A tip for using sites like this is to look through as many pages of search results as you can. Some of the members on the later pages don't get that many contacts, so they will be much more appreciative of your efforts.

Many of the LatinEuro members can only speak limited amounts of English, although most speak Spanish, Portuguese or both. A live translation service is available for a fee should you want to contact a member via telephone. Alternatives include using the online translation tools.

Once you've found a member you really like, LatinEuro doesn't get involved with travel plans, so if you find a beautiful South American lady you want to visit, you have to make your own travel plans.

What I particularly like about LatinEuro is that it is one of the very few dating sites that actually publishes its pricelist on the external website. In other words you don't have to sign up first to see how much it's all going to cost.

South American women could be the most beautiful women in the entire known World
South American women could be the most beautiful women in the entire known World

LatinEuro scams and scammers

Like all dating sites, LatinEuro will have its fair share of scammers. The most usual scammers are those that sign up to a dating site in order to extract money from the male members. Make sure it doesn't happen to you. Despite all the warnings, men continue to tell sorry tales of losing $1000 or more in a scam that is pretty easy to spot. Sadly lonely men looking for love are easy targets for the scammers.

So whichever dating site you're using be on the lookout for scammers. Don't get too paranoid though as this can create its own particular problems. Remember also to treat the women on the dating sites with respect. If you don't like them then politely let them know you're not interested. Dating sites are full of jerks who tell all kinds of promises and never keep them. If you tell a women you're going to visit her, then make sure you do! If you behave well on the dating site then you're far more likely to find your dream lady.

Alternatives to LatinEuro

One of the biggest Latin American dating sites is LatinAmericanCupid. This site is run by Cupid Media who have a large range of international dating sites covering most of the World. All of their sites have thousands of members, so you'll have no problems finding potential partners to chat to on the site. LatinAmericanCupid is totally free to sign up to and once you're ready to contact the cute Latin singles you like on the site there's an affordable pay monthly payment plan, with generous discounts if you pay for an annual membership. LatinAmericanCupid has a flat rate fee system, so once you've paid your membership fee you can contact as many women as you like.

If you are specifically interested in Brazilian women, the try BrazilCupid. Latin Kisses is also popular and has women from a wide range of different Latin American countries.

There are also many niche dating sites. If you want a black or ethnic partner then try one of the niche sites like AfroIntroduction or AfroRomance.

Also worth exploring is the possibility of joining an introduction agency. A reputable introduction agency will screen their members in order to confirm their identity and do background checks on their past. The more exclusive and executive dating agencies will also be more rigorous in their screening of their members such as by demanding all members undergo HIV testing. It's usually better to choose an introduction agency that has an office in a Western country like the USA, Canada or Australia.

South American can be an intimidating place for a single traveller. Another alternative is to join a romantic tour of a Central or South American country.

Don't overlook the ladies in your local area either. Many latinas have to find work overseas in countries such as the USA and Canada, so you might find your dream wife is closer to home than you think.

So if you're looking for a South American wife then LatinEuro is a good place to start. Good luck with your search for a South American wife online!

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