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Hi there!

I'm Dan. I believe in living life to the full. So far I've been a shop assistant, biotechnologist and I'm now a computer programmer and Internet guru. I've had a lot of fun starting my own businesses. I like cooking, photography and travelling. I'm obsessed with personal finance and saving money. I also love writing, and I have published 200 hubs so far.

I have a mountain of topics I want to share with my fellow 'hubbers. Need a cure for RSI? Want to know how to make money online? Want to get started with passive income from Clickbank or Facebook ads? Thinking about dating an Asian woman? Need to know about investing in ETFs? It's all here! I've even written a hub about hubs!

My other sites include cure your rsi and my portal about Asian dating sites.

By the way, all the text on this site is written by me and the photos are taken by me, so please don't use either without permission. I love it when you comment on my hubs, but I normally delete blogspam. Many Thanks!

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    • Blocking negative comments?

      Blocking negative comments?

      7 years ago

      Hi all,Do you ever get negative comments posted on your hubs? Do you block them or put them up in the hope that stirring up some controversy is good for your hubscores?P.S. My last negative comment was from someone...

    • Flop Hubs

      Flop Hubs

      7 years ago

      Hi all,I see lots of messages about how well people are doing, but how about your failures? Have you got any flop hubs?I've got one hub that has only had a single visit since I wrote it a few weeks ago!In general I...

    • Amazon Detailed Click-thru Statistics

      Amazon Detailed Click-thru Statistics

      7 years ago

      Hi all,Does anyone know if it's possible to get decent statistics out of Amazon associates. I can see that since I started writing on hubpages I'm getting quite a few clicks on Amazon items. Is it possible to know what...

    • Clicks with no value

      Clicks with no value

      7 years ago

      Hi all,I'm getting some decent traffic to my hubs, and I've had a couple of adsense clicks, both for £0.00. What's going on!? Are they invalid clicks, or are people clicking on ultra low value ads (e.g. all those...

    • Hub flagged as duplicate

      Hub flagged as duplicate

      8 years ago

      Hi all,One of my hubs is being flagged as a duplicate. I've since rewritten it but the duplicate flag won't disappear. This is the first time this has happened to me. If you rewrite the text will it get rescanned for...

    • Spam Hubs - what happens to them?

      Spam Hubs - what happens to them?

      7 years ago

      Hi all,I've been here a fortnight and my hubscore is 86 so I must be doing something right!I've noticed that the majority of new members seem to sign up and write 1-2 spammy hubs about something they're marketing (e.g....

    • YieldBuild


      8 years ago

      Hi all,I've been reading about YieldBuild and I like the sound of it - what are other hubbers experiences of it? Can you deploy it on HubPages or is it only for other sites? Can it work if you just have Adsense or is is...

    • Hubs with no images

      Hubs with no images

      8 years ago

      Hi all,I've built a number of hubs since I joined. I wonder if there was any penalty for having no images on a hub? I notice that these topics just show as a white box on my profile page and other places within...

    • If you built it, will they come?

      If you built it, will they come?

      8 years ago

      Hi all,I'm a new hubber and already I'm loving this site. So far I've built 11 hubs. My question is - once you build hubs will they get much traffic without any effort put into marketing them? Or should I be linking...