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Hello! I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas but I have lived in the St. Louis area for the past ten years and I love this city! I am a wife and a mother of two. I love reading, writing, singing and songwriting and I dabble in art. I absolutely thrive on my need for creativity. I'm a coffee addict, antique store junkie and I collect old typewriters. Happy reading!

**All my hubs are copyrighted protected. If you're interested in featuring one of my articles on your blog or website, please send me an email.**

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  • Five Things You Need To Know For Tick Season!

    Five Things You Need To Know For Tick Season!

    4 years ago

    Tick-Borne Disease prevention is the most important thing you need to know for spring and summer. You can prevent a nightmare of never-ending pain, fatigue, debilitating symptoms, thousands of dollars in medical bills,...

  • Lyme Disease - A Growing Epidemic

    Lyme Disease - A Growing Epidemic

    5 years ago

    There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding Lyme Disease, and it doesn't help that it is widely misunderstood due in large part to terribly outdated and inaccurate information that is perpetuated by a long-time...

  • A Thought Catches

    A Thought Catches

    5 years ago

    Her cracked fingers hold the weight of her heavy head Feeling herself weak she moves slower and the wind grows stronger She braces but the weight All but pushes her over And she sits She sighs She...

  • The Commandant's Son - Chapter One

    The Commandant's Son - Chapter One

    5 years ago

    The Nightmare I had the dream again last night... the one where I murder you. The one where my father and family are standing behind me, looking over my shoulder, breathing down my neck – watching and waiting for...

  • An Education In Thankfulness

    An Education In Thankfulness

    5 years ago

    "He that is kind is free, though he is a slave; he that is evil is a slave, though he be a king." -Saint Augustine Gates to Auschwitz - "Work Makes Free" The past few months I have been doing research on the...

  • Gender Stereotypes in the Marketplace and the Effect on Children

    Gender Stereotypes in the Marketplace and the Effect on Children

    5 years ago

    If you have ever walked through a toy section you know there is a huge distinction between toys for boys and toys for girls. The girl section is every shade of pink - oozing with My Little Ponies, dress-up clothes,...