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51 year old husband and father. "Hard Rock" miner. I've been writing all my life just for the love of it. Mostly song lyrics but have written articles for newspapers occasionally. Its time to take a step forward and share my thoughts. Now...to quote a very famous person... "I love ya...now get outta here and I mean it"

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  • Deano's Open Pit Journal

    Deano's Open Pit Journal

    5 years ago

    "Safety is a life long goal, and a goal for long life" photo by nita marie This journal will be written mainly from the haul truck drivers point of view but will consider all aspects of open pit mine operations. It is...

  •  The Artistic Creations of Jimmy Lee

    The Artistic Creations of Jimmy Lee

    8 years ago

    My earliest memory of Dad is seeing him on the couch eating ice cream. To this very day, if Dad is coming over, you better have ice cream! He didn't get back into his art until about 15 years ago when he and Mom began...

  • Deanomax Lyrics Killin Me

    Deanomax Lyrics Killin Me

    6 years ago

    your lies and deceit have knocked me off my feet the pain in my heart gives you pleasure the promise you made like the vision must fade professing your love without measure and how can it be that your...

  • E. O. Goldbeck's Panoramic Photography Captures Family History

    E. O. Goldbeck's Panoramic Photography Captures Family History

    7 years ago

    As a child growing up in my grandmothers house, I can remember the old photographs hanging on the wall. She would tell me stories about my grandfather who was a career soldier in the U.S. Army's 12th Field Artillery. I...

  • Serendipity Salad

    Serendipity Salad

    8 years ago

    This is a wonderful salad using only 6 ingredients and taking only a few minutes to prepare.  My family and I enjoy this healthy salad quite often.  It's great for vegetarians and carnivores alike.  Its important to...

  • Hobo Cabbage Quarters

    Hobo Cabbage Quarters

    8 years ago

    Jimmy and Donny This is a great side dish for any meat or poultry main course. And its quick, cheap and easy! Ingredients as follows: 1 small to medium size head of cabbage 2 to 4 slices of bacon 4 teaspoons...

  • Ron Capps 2 In A Row

    Ron Capps 2 In A Row

    9 years ago

    Photo by Nita After watching the NHRA on ESPN2 for years, Nita and I decided it was time to drag our butts out to Firebird. With some minor inconveniences, it was a great day at the races. Later on, I'll give you first...

  •  Original Lyrics from Deanomax

    Original Lyrics from Deanomax

    7 years ago

    Ruthless @ Union Station Randy Doug Ray and Deano   the people on the mountain on top of the world you live in a dream an endless vision a corporate king always someone else you can trod upon who...

  • 9-11 victims poem

    9-11 victims poem

    7 years ago

    then   today I saw you cry tears through soulful eyes misty rain on rosy cheeks looking up at me my heart sank as the pain you felt pierced my skin what words could I say for comfort and...

  • Arizona's Mining Legacy

    Arizona's Mining Legacy

    3 years ago

    THE EARLY YEARS From centuries past, through success and failure, our great state has witnessed a rich history in mining. And…it is believed the name Arizona actually comes from an ancient mine discovered by...