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    Rice: The Staple Diet of Half the World

    7 months ago

    From being the novel food of the Yangtze Valley civilization and a summer crop in the Harappan civilization to the staple diet of half the world, rice has traversed a long and eventful path in history. This article will take a look at the crop eaten more frequently around the world than any other.

  • Stem Cell Meat: The Novel Meat

    Stem Cell Meat: The Novel Meat

    10 months ago

    Soon, the world will see a guilt-free and a lot less bloody and messy meat on its table. Plant-based meat is already in the market and in one or two years, stem cell cultivated meat will become a common produce in the market.

  • Jack Fruit: Food for Thought During a Pandemic

    Jack Fruit: Food for Thought During a Pandemic

    11 months ago

    Let me tell you about a fruit that has the potential to save at least the Asian countries from starvation during these testing times of the pandemic. It is a fruit ignored for long in many Asian societies as it carries a social stigma related to poverty.

  • One to Three Billion People Will Live in a Hotter World in Next 50 Years

    One to Three Billion People Will Live in a Hotter World in Next 50 Years

    12 months ago

    A new study provides a better and actionable insight into how climate change is going to affect us. Will we positively act upon it is the question that remains.

  • Is Climate Change Natural or Human Made?

    Is Climate Change Natural or Human Made?

    12 months ago

    Climate change has become a grim reality for us as the modern-day is haunted by natural catastrophe and even viral infections, which according to at least a few scientists, have something to do with climate change.

  • The Western Ghats: The Rain God of South India

    The Western Ghats: The Rain God of South India

    12 months ago

    The Western Ghats is a mountain range that separates the southern stretch of India from the rest of the country. It is situated between the Deccan plateau and the coastline of the Indian peninsula. It is older than the Himalayas and houses more than 300 of the threatened species of the planet.

  • The Rainbow Flora

    The Rainbow Flora

    12 months ago

    Ever wondered why some plant leaves have colors more exotic than flowers? How do the red, blue, and brown leaves of some plants prepare food as they seem to be devoid of chlorophyll?

  • Pandemic and Life: How to Change and Survive

    Pandemic and Life: How to Change and Survive

    12 months ago

    The philosophy of life is changing in this dark and depressing era of the pandemic. Your mind is going to be your greatest tool for survival.

  • The Pioneers of the Search for Meaning

    The Pioneers of the Search for Meaning

    20 months ago

    Science could find many things about the universe, earth, life and humans but the meaning or origin of our existence. The question fascinates all. Ever wondered who could have asked first the question, who we are and where we come from?

  • Footpaths: Memory Lanes

    Footpaths: Memory Lanes

    22 months ago

    We all know that a footpath is a pedestrian way that is made by people walking constantly up and down the same stretch of land. What else is a footpath? If we ponder a bit more, a footpath emerges as a sign of micro culture, a vehicle of local history, and a crucible of fond memories.

  • Story of a Life

    Story of a Life

    2 years ago

    I was working as a television journalist when I met this strange man. Vijaya Kumar. Most probably he was in his late 50-s. He was the ex-owner of a tile factory in the suburbs of Calicut, a coastal town in North Kerala. He was also drawing a monthly salary same as a worker of the factory.

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    Who Wrote Dictionaries?

    2 years ago

    Writing a dictionary can seem to be a humanly impossible task if one looks at the size, volume and information that goes into one. Not to mention, the meticulous structuring and detailing. However, there were individuals who dedicated, single-minded and almost single-handed, their lives to this task

  • Plant Migration: Wings, Hairs and Humans

    Plant Migration: Wings, Hairs and Humans

    2 years ago

    Plant migration is a vast study area of botany. It overlaps with disciplines like Biogeography, Palaeobotany, Ethnobiology and human evolution. It has also connections to climate and ecosystem changes.

  • The Life of Plants

    The Life of Plants

    2 years ago

    We often forget that plants are living beings. They have a unique sense of their surroundings and lot of intuition. Here are some plant facts that will leave you aware of our closeness and commonness to them.

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    Ecosystem Services and Economic Values

    8 months ago

    Ecosystem services is a concept in ecology that helps us understand how ecologically important each specific ecosystem is. It re-imagines a familiar landscape like a neighboring pond from an ecological perspective for us, lists the services it provides and translates its value into monetary terms.

  • How to Be a Successful Organic Farmer Part 3

    How to Be a Successful Organic Farmer Part 3

    2 years ago

    Fertilizer application and upkeep of nutrient balance in the soil are areas where an organic farmer would find many problems and doubts. This part of this series on organic farming is about how to keep your soil and the crop well-manured.

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    The Tropical Rain Forest

    12 months ago

    Rain Forests are the oldest and one of the most complex ecosystems of this planet. The weather mechanisms and ecosystem services that are linked with the rain forests are invaluable to the habitability of our precious abode, the earth. This is a biography and tribute to the tropical rain forest

  • How to Be a Successful Organic Farmer, Part 2

    How to Be a Successful Organic Farmer, Part 2

    2 years ago

    This is the second part of the series on organic farming. It is the simple things I have not only learned but internalized as I went on experimenting with organic cultivation.

  • Why Have Farmers in India Been Killing Themselves for 30 Years?

    Why Have Farmers in India Been Killing Themselves for 30 Years?

    2 years ago

    Wikipedia says, farmer suicide is an issue India faces in the last three decades; to be more precise, this social phenomenon started off in the 1990s and is continuing. This article is part of a series that try to find out why.

  • How to Be a Successful Organic Farmer? Part 1

    How to Be a Successful Organic Farmer? Part 1

    2 years ago

    Farming is a vocation that charms every one though not many really venture into it. Here I begin a series that gives some tips to the new farmers.

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    The Street Dogs of Kerala and My Dog Story

    2 years ago

    It was two years back that I rediscovered my love for dogs. In my childhood, they were around us, owned by us and by the community. They walked around, befriended all of us and were fed by all. Now they are part of a scary propaganda of misinformation and cruelty in our state, Kerala (India).

  • My Time, Your Time

    My Time, Your Time

    2 years ago

    Do all of us perceive time in the same manner? What is the time concept in different civilizations-in the past and the present? Do all experience time in the same linear way?

  • The Ant Lion and the Art of Living Extraordinarily

    The Ant Lion and the Art of Living Extraordinarily

    2 years ago

    Ant lion is one of the most fascinating animals on earth. If you have explored around a bit in your child hood and had a peep into the worlds of other animals and plants, you surely would have spotted the ant lion larvae and their beautiful pits.

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    An Interview with Felix Padel, Renowned Anthropologist and the Great-Great Grandson of Charles Darwin

    2 years ago

    This interview was done in 2015, when I visited Felix Padel, famous anthropologist and the great-great grandson of Charles Darwin, in Odisha

  • 2

    Living With Nature

    2 years ago

    Today’s world, especially the world of social networking, nearly coerces one to live a major part of life in incessant communication with others. In others words, to go incommunicado feels like a crime. What if one can live another life, a solitary one, at least for a while, to rejuvenate oneself?

  • Mushroom Mania

    Mushroom Mania

    20 months ago

    Soon after the monsoon arrives, the homesteads and farm lands in and around Western Ghats are fraught with wild mushrooms. A visual journey through the mushroom biodiversity of this region will make one wonder if an expert hand crafted with care, all this variety and colors.

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    Will Climate Change Alter What the World Eats?

    2 years ago

    In the next 30 years, how many in the world will be able to have their morning cup of coffee as compared to now? How many will have access to non-vegetarian food against those who have today? Climate change is going to banish certain food items from our platter. Some new items will enter it too.

  • The Facts and History of Death That Will Make Us Fear Death Less

    The Facts and History of Death That Will Make Us Fear Death Less

    20 months ago

    Death is a reality we should try to understand more so that we fear it less. Science is making progress towards understanding death and probably even conquering it. In history, different people had different notions about death and the perceptions will change in future also.


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