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    Native American Storytellers

    3 years ago

    Like Hogan, Owens, the storyteller, and even the little girl in the following analogy, we all have stories to tell. Like theirs, ours are also inspired by what we accomplish and what we learn.

  • A Day in The Life of Mortimer Ingles

    A Day in The Life of Mortimer Ingles

    8 years ago

    The 17th century was an era of turmoil for both rich and poor, as one tyrannical ruler after another ascended the throne. Yet, it was also a time of prosperity and change for all who strove for it.

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    This Town Is Too Small to Hyder

    3 years ago

    The story of my hometown, Hyder Arizona, was written because this is where I first developed my inclination to write. It's rich history induced me because of its magic. But above all else, this is the story of how one girl remembered a life lived before computers, video games, cell phones, and even...

  • If I Lose My...

    If I Lose My...

    5 years ago

    This poem was written some time ago when it was I who needed love and support. Ironically, my beloved has gone before me.. I love you Bill. And I always will.

  • The Sound of Silence

    The Sound of Silence

    3 years ago

    Some say that the writer who sits at the desk all day is a lonely person. But I'm not lonely because I have a lifetime of memories to keep me company. And these are the memories I want to share with the world.

  • Oh Song of the North Wind

    Oh Song of the North Wind

    3 years ago

    This poem is dedicated to our good friend, Boo, who was one of the most loyal dogs we've ever known. Sadly, she passed away, after being hit by a truck, in 2003.

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    The Mysterious Red Velvet Dress

    3 years ago

    I have never liked the color, red. Perhaps the reason I hate it is because my sister had auburn hair with red highlights in it and she hated it, it is the color of blood, or I simply did not think it was fashionable. But most likely I dislike the color because it reminds me of the red velvet dress...

  • Red Squares and Blue Overalls

    Red Squares and Blue Overalls

    3 years ago

    Although Red Squares and Blue Overalls is purely fictional, it is based on a true account of a little boy who found an unusual playmate, another young boy who had drowned, under suspicious circumstances, approximately 40 years earlier.

  • What I Expect From Literary Masterpieces

    What I Expect From Literary Masterpieces

    12 years ago

    Growing up in a small town like Hyder Arizona not only gave me an appreciation for history, it taught me how to envision myself as both the protagonist, antagonist, and the audience.

  • The Little Church Down the Street

    The Little Church Down the Street

    5 years ago

    "The Little Church Down the Street" is a true account of the author's first encounter with discrination. Scenes like this, of sitting in front of churches, wondering what is going on inside, and questions of why the people inside are treated so differently than others are perhaps memories that we...

  • How Literature May Help Solve Many Cultural Issues

    How Literature May Help Solve Many Cultural Issues

    11 years ago

    More than a dozen people lived in the small apartment next door. Although the apartment was clean, the children looked well fed, and everyone seemed happy, the manager simply assumed that, because the family members had immigrated into the country,...

  • Why do men hog the Remote?

    Why do men hog the Remote?

    7 years ago

    While controlling the remote may seem to be a very important matter in some households, it need not be. There are much more serious matters at hand, such as maintaining a good and strong family relationship. If all agree to watch a certain program, it should not matter who controls the remote, so...

  • On Which Hand Should This Ring be Worn?

    On Which Hand Should This Ring be Worn?

    12 years ago

    Have you ever wondered why we women wear our wedding bands on the fourth digit of our left hand? Why don't we wear them on the right index finger or perhaps on the pinky or forefinger, which I believe would be just as nice? For example, I wear two...

  • The Old Metal Box

    The Old Metal Box

    10 years ago

    I knew my sister-in-law loved to cook. However, what I did not know was that she had collected thousands of recipes throughout the years. Some were cut from magazines, some were found in books, while others were simply written on scraps of paper....

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    My Heavenly Family

    3 years ago

    This heart-wrenching story is based upon a real puppy that my husband rescued just at the brink of death. We revived her and loved her for just over a year, until she died when she caught the parvovirus. The point here is to say please have your pets vaccinated before they're taken away forever.

  • Diary of Hope Georgia

    Diary of Hope Georgia

    11 years ago

    While the characters and settings in "Diary of Hope Georgia" are fictional, the story is based on actual accounts such as the Oatman Massacre, a town called Agua Caliente, and the epic Trail of Tears. It is also a supposition of how a young person of mixed blood might feel about discrimination...


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