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I’m going to be taking a sabbatical from HubPages for a while—DFiduccia

My DooWop Years and Beyond

In the early sixties, Bill Medley and I formed a duo called the Romancers. We each wrote a song and made a demo on the old disk format called 45’s. Sometime later, we formed a quartet named the Paramours by adding Mike Reiter and Roger Scott. Roger married, left the group, and Sal Fasulo replaced him as our tenor.

The Paramours signed a contract with Mercury Records on their subsidiary label— Smash Records. Bill was our lead singer, and we recorded a Medley original—That’s The Way We Love The Paramours. The tune didn’t hit the charts, but we did have some guest TV appearances.

Sal Fasulo left the group and Bobby Hatfield took his place. We recorded another Medley song—There She Goes and continued working clubs as the Paramours. It soon became obvious that Bobby and Bill were destined for greater things. They were a perfect vocal match, so they recorded, as a duo, a Medley original called Latin Lupe Lou. That record launched their careers as the Righteous Brothers.

Moving Forward

I kept working clubs, finished college, and became a teacher. After retiring from teaching, I moved to Mexico and lived there for eleven years. During that time, I married a Mexican gal who had graduated from the university as an accountant.

Nine years later, we filed immigration papers for my wife, and we now live in Las Vegas. We both love it here. I started writing after the move, and my first manuscript earned me a contract to publish my book, Incidents at Balboa, with Siren BookStrand.


With writing, I’ve found the good life, but it comes with an increase in responsibility and stress. The life of an author is as multifaceted as the life of a musician. It’s a constant roller coaster, yet it’s a good ride. In the end, it’s all about enjoying the journey. If there’s a monetary gain, it’s a bonus for doing what you love.

Hub Pages— Following and Followers

I believe that although following is a matter of choice, it's courteous to reciprocate. Therefore, if you’re looking for interaction and support— follow me. I’m not here merely for numbers.

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