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Satellite Solutions Network, Inc. is one of the largest DISH Network retailers in the country. We've helped hundreds of thousands of people sign up for DISH Network.

We write industry articles about
• New promotions
• New technology
• Competitor claims
• Useful how-to articles to help the average DISH Network customer.

DISH Network's primary website is
• www.dish.com.

A little about DISH Network and Us
DISH Network is a satellite TV service provider, with well over 14 Million customers all over the US. As a retailer, we operate a new customer website and help people maximize the new customer promotions, and we also offer a dealer incentive.

So, in addition to offering all of DISH Network's promotions, we also offer an additional $75 cash back incentive. Unlike other retailers, we don't charge any type of processing or activation fee. And when we place the order for you, it will be installed by a local company.

View our website, and see the DISH Network Channels and Packages. Or, see what type of DISH TV Special we're running today.

Thank you! We hope you enjoy our informative Hubs about DISH Network, and the satellite TV industry, as well as our attempt to earn your business.

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