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I am a considerate and humble person from Johannesburg, South Africa. I love the internet, and I love writing.

I love writing and sharing all the ideas that stream through my mind. I love freedom of speech and the internet. Reading and writing is a incredible ability and to have a platform to share ideas and words that so often can make a difference is enriching and educational.

I studied accounting and currently work as a financial manager. I am blessed with three sons, each uniquely talented with creative skills.

I have completed and published two novels in the series, The Anglurian Story and presently finding my way around the third book of this story.

Since May this year, I have written many articles for some internet news papers, including a blog.

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  • Forced into Prostitution and Drug Dealing

    Forced into Prostitution and Drug Dealing

    13 months ago

    Drugs, prostitution and human trafficking are real. The drug industry is a major problem worldwide and not only in South Africa. It is the suffering, the lack of understanding and the spiraling abuse associated to...