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I have great difficult writing for this blog, as being trained as a scholar, I was taught that you give all citations when using unknown or scantily known materials (otherwise it is plagiarism). However, this cite requires that citations are limited, so I will write less as it takes time to determine what is the most critical for citation.

My doctorates include quantitative analysis and historical interpretation and the use of original source material that all reputable universities require full accreditation. Having written for more than fifty years, I am accustomed to this form of presentation, especially after having a major newspaper in Texas question where I obtain my information for an article I wrote (at that time "excessive documentation" was also looked down upon). Since 1984 I have stopped writing for popular reading and concentrate on more audiences that are more academic inclined. How long I continue at this blog site is up to the editors, but I am discouraged.

A passionate philologist interested in collected incunables and ancient scrolls, I write on a myriad of subjects, teach English as a Second Language at a non-USA university (I have taught around the world), and tutor those seeking graduate degrees. With a rich and varied background, having studied at numerous universities in the USA and Europe, I earned my final doctorate from Carnegie-Mellon University that provided me with significant tools to further my conduct of inquiry.

Discarding the absurdity of there being any absolute truth or recognizing any person or book as being infallible, heartily support the right of each woman to decide the destiny of her own body, recognize that a fertilized egg may become a zygote and by chance morph into a fetus with the possibility of becoming a baby only after the minimum of 24 months of cellular development. I support the right of people to marry whomever they wish, or to determine the date and time of their final exit. I recognize no religion nor any deity as being supreme or significant and argue that each person develops his or her own destiny based on idealizations and cultural-family heritage. I accept no single source/book as absolute nor diivinely inspired, as a book cannot prove the validity of its own content (that is an absurdity as is the account where Moses records his own death and burial). I do not believe in any god, but have faith only in reason and science.

My library with its more than 55,000 books and 2100 incunables is my favorite room which I share with my eight dogs. An iced glass of champagne will always be my first choice, and I relish well-done steamed salmon or oven-baked pork with each being complimented with a symphony of fresh vegetables and fruit.

The greatest tragedy for me is watching as the USA sinks into becoming the Fourth Reich as Limbaugh, Rush, Beck, Coulter, and the Koch Brothers become the leaders of the New Hatred that is the hallmark of Dick Armey's Tea Party. Individual liberties and human rights are not guaranteed and like labor unions will be erased from the nation of my birth by the gaggle of goons that groteque mince the mangled message of the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch--so that what truth that does exist will be transmogrified Texas style. I will continue to attack this assault on civil rights and human dignity in this blog and my other blog. The Tea Party and their favorites (Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, etc. will create a Fourth Reich, and like Adolf Hitler, declare it based on scripture--for Hitler was a staunch defender of Christianity and opposed to the Jews following the antisemitic writings of Martin Luther 500 years earlier. I used to be a Lutheran, born in Waverly, Iowa and raised in Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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