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  • RB20 Intake Manifolds

    RB20 Intake Manifolds

    23 months ago

    The topic of RB20 intake manifolds is a hot one. As the price of used Nissan RB20DET engines continues to tumble, more people are viewing them as a viable option to their current engine. The RB20 itself is a marvel,...

  • R32 Skyline Part Weights

    R32 Skyline Part Weights

    6 years ago

    I have compiled a fairly significant list of R32 Skyline part weights for those who are interested in possibly removing some excess weight from their Skyline, or for those who are just interested in where the weight is....

  • RB26 Camshafts

    RB26 Camshafts

    6 years ago

  • Skyline Idle Problems

    Skyline Idle Problems

    7 years ago

     The Nissan Skyline is legendary, thanks to far too many appearances in video games, movies, and manga.  While the car is certainly way too much fun to be legal, it's not without its problems.  The RB series of...

  • palm trees in canada

    palm trees in canada

    7 years ago

    A row of Windmill Palms in Vancouver When you think of palm trees, you imagine lush, white sand beaches with crystal clear water as far as the eye can see. You might see a hammock in there somewhere too, with you...

  • RB20 Camshaft Upgrades

    RB20 Camshaft Upgrades

    7 years ago

    So I finally managed to get around to writing this article, hopefully it's everything you've been hoping for. There's what can only be described as a massive amount of information online regarding the Nissan RB20DET...

  • S15 conversion

    S15 conversion

    8 years ago

    In the land of automotive conversions, the S15 Silvia front-end conversion is certainly one of the most popular. Fitting an S15 front end to a Nissan S13 or S14 240sx/Silvia/180sx is a relatively simple task, especially...

  • RB20 Turbo Upgrades

    RB20 Turbo Upgrades

    13 months ago

    This article focuses on the often-misunderstood, underestimated RB20DET, as found in various late-eighties/early-nineties Nissans.

  • HKS Turbocharger

    HKS Turbocharger

    14 months ago

    HKS is a Japanese company that was formed in 1973. Since its start, HKS has been involved with drag racing, JGTC, JTCC, F3, D1 Grand Prix, Super Bikes, and many other racing series. HKS produces some of the highest...