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  • Why Do Some People Always Feel Cold?

    Why Do Some People Always Feel Cold?

    8 years ago

    Do you know someone who is always cold? They are cold even when the temperature is 33 degrees Celsius (91.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Do they wear four or five layers of clothing during winter? Is their home always hot and stuffy as all windows and doors...

  • Revisiting Black Like Me by John Griffin

    Revisiting Black Like Me by John Griffin

    9 months ago

    I recently listened to the audio book, Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin and I am amazed by the profound effects that it has on me. I have gone through the gamut of emotions from crying and sobbing uncontrollably to laughing and shaking my head...

  • The Fear of Criticism

    The Fear of Criticism

    8 years ago

    Most humans, even animals and plants have some kind of fears or phobias. Some of these can be mild forms of fears or extensive debilitating phobias that paralyze a person. According to The New Webster's Dictionary, fear is defined as "anxiety caused...

  • The Psychology of Photography

    The Psychology of Photography

    9 years ago

    A picture is worth a thousand words, is a phrase that indicates the complexities and detailed analysis that one can garner from a well taken picture. An expression of joy, sadness, tranquility, apprehension, concern or horror can inform the viewer...

  • What If the Camera was not Invented?

    What If the Camera was not Invented?

    9 years ago

    Just the other day, I was looking at some pictures with a colleague. They were pictures that I have stored on my computer at work, mostly of my family and I at several vacation spots over the years. As we were looking at the pictures, I thought out...

  • Spanking Versus Beating - A Form Of Discipline or Punishment?

    Spanking Versus Beating - A Form Of Discipline or Punishment?

    9 years ago

    Spanking versus whipping or beating as a form of discipline is a much debated topic when it comes to raising children. The debate tends to set out to defend one's beliefs or define what is acceptable and what are the boundaries when it comes to...

  • Dreams of Reptiles, Insects and Fish

    Dreams of Reptiles, Insects and Fish

    9 years ago

    Historically, dream was thought of as communication from the gods. Even though it is said that Egyptians were the first to interpret dreams, as early the 5th century BC, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, suggested that a person's dream world was...

  • 10 Places in Toronto to Visit with Your Family for the Summer

    10 Places in Toronto to Visit with Your Family for the Summer

    21 months ago

    As the Summer approaches, it is time to plan for that great vacation. Well here is my suggestion, come see Toronto, Canada. Toronto is a mutlicultural metropolitan city in Canada. It is home to over 2.7 million people. Toronto is considered the...


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