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+CM Smith

I was made In New Zealand,born beside the Pacific,in a small country town...more in My New Zealand hub,come meet me and take a stroll round my home.

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Why has America replaced God with Science. Was that how the Forefathers imagined it would be like all those years ago?

Blended families are no longer uncommon ,but how about when two people get together from two different cultures ,or two different countries. Marriage made in heaven or hell?

Eyebrow shaping ,learn in easy steps the best way to frame your eyes ,just like the experts!

Classic Pumpkin or Thai Soup or to Raising Happy ,adjusted (reasonably) (step) children ,its all here.

Tell the world about where you live and the special qualities that make it home for you, might be the city, rivers ,scenery ,flowers and fauna.

Perhaps personal issues are something that you care about by expressing your experiences and knowledge help someone else ,in ways you may never know ,but will deeply satisfy just informing ( from your perspective) and thats important.

Buying clothes online from International Manufacturers ,or being outside of your country of orgin can make shopping a frustration or costly mistake ,so save the information for converting your size to International sizes and youll know exactly which size is right for you.

Is Humour something you love and naturally express,then spread the joy ,goodness knows the world is in short supply these days. I wrote about homelessness and hunger and questioned why when Western Nations are seemingly affluent.

How about Sport , I come from a Rugby mad country so I guess I know a little bit about that game and of course support The All Blacks 100% ( even when they lose, which isnt often) ,but interestingly enough I wrote about Wrestling ,since Ive heard an awful lot about it the last few years, so if the words triple AAA ,state champs and Grove City mean anything to you ,you might enjoy reading that hub.

Oh I did I mention you can make money

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I have many interests and passions ,but for now I am content to write what I know about most. Family is important to me and I continue to learn along with my sons and now my additional family in the United States. I only wished they all lived much closer.

I am a New Zealander , born in the South Island ,bound by the mighty Pacific Ocean and dwarfed by majestic mountains. I come from a family of nine ,five older brothers and three younger sisters. I have three fantastic 6ft tall sons,gentle ,intelligent and caring individuals. I love them to bits!

~~If the Door Of Opportunity Wont Open , Kick The Damn Thing Down~

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