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Eileen Goodall profile image

Eileen Goodall

Joined 6 years ago from Buckinghamshire, England




Also follow me on:

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and moved to England with my family at the ripe old age of 13. I had my first child in my early thirties, went to University in my late thirties and had my second child days before my 40th birthday. Not counting my family and my dear friends I have 5 passions;s sculling, photography, genealogy, cooking and last but not least my gorgeous children - the first four I intend to explore on HubPages, the children is a whole other story!


How did I begin to cook? Well that's all down to my Mother, now most people will rave about their Mother's cooking - with me it's the opposite my Mother couldn't cook, no that's unfair she could cook - 2 things - Chicken Broth and an old Scottish favourite called Stovies - but honestly that was it. There are family stories about the Christmas where she nuked portions of Christmas Pudding in the microwave and slopped cold milk on top - Christmas Dinners were SUCH a disappointment. She also boiled cabbage for hours, yes we would have been better off drinking the water but did we know that all those years ago? No! Food was just the wallpaper hanging on the wall, we had it but no-one took any notice of it, in fact the wallpaper was much more exciting, food was something that had to be done, fuel for the body not the soul.

In my early adulthood I went out to dinner, cooking was not for me, how boring, what is there to get excited about? Somewhere deep inside me was my distant Italian heritage's love of food, just desperate to get out, it arrived with my first child, he was sensitive to additives, and I wanted the best for this gorgeous boy of mine and he was going to get it.

One Christmas a very kind boss, Chris Pouncey, bought me a cookbook and this I had to dig out of the attic to where it had been banished many years before, I still have it, it's called The Creative Cook by Mary Berry (I had no idea who she was at the time and I've only just realised who this book was written by recently), it's been well-thumbed and has fallen apart, the recipes of 30 years ago are so different from today BUT it taught me the basics, how to boil an egg, how to make a basic sauce, what to do with this hard stuff they call pasta, that may sound a bit basic but trust me when you leave home and you only know how to use a can opener and put a Fray Bentos pie in the oven then it was exactly what I needed.

So here I am on HubPages and I hope that you like my recipes and will try them, especially the desserts like the Butterscotch Bars which keep me sane in this mad world.


Many years ago I decided to trace my family tree and it's been an exciting ride every step of the way and of course is always ongoing. At one point I was trying to find my Great Great Grandmother believing that she had passed away in Glasgow, Scotland and it was only through the kindness of a wonderful lady in New Jersey who sent me a photograph of her grave that I found her. At that point I decided to do the same for all those whose ancestors are buried in the heart of England and wherever I go I dive into graveyards and take photographs to pass on to their descendants.

So in a nutshell that's what I'm all about - please follow me on Hubpages and I'd love to hear from you all. Please also follow my daughter at

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