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  • Quotes About Life and their Meaning

    Quotes About Life and their Meaning

    4 years ago

    In our everyday life we hear people quote an inspirational saying or proverb on social networks, television or during a one-on- one conversation. As very inspirational as some of these wise sayings are, they can create...

  • Highest Paid Athletes 2013

    Highest Paid Athletes 2013

    4 years ago

    It is not news that athletes earn an enormous amount of money. While some people think that the pay package of most athletes is ridiculous, I think it shouldn’t be much of an issue considering the fact that athletes...

  • World Cup Qualifiers

    World Cup Qualifiers

    4 years ago

    The glamour, passion, quality of play and tension associated with world cup qualification has produced many unforgettable moments in history. The journey to Brazil 2014 has already begun.

  • Weird Sports

    Weird Sports

    4 years ago

    The somewhat loose definition of sports as any form of competitive activity that aims to maintain or improve the physical ability of the participants using organised rules has seen man

  • top 20 superstition

    top 20 superstition

    4 years ago

    Superstition is the belief that one event causes the occurrence of another without any physical link to both events. The origin of superstitions can be traced back to several centuries ago when our ancestors tried to...

  • Some African Proverbs And Their meaning

    Some African Proverbs And Their meaning

    4 years ago

    African Proverbs are rich and are used mainly by elders to communicate thoughts in a witty way. Sometimes you can decipher their meanings by mere logic, at other times you need a guide. Below are some of the most...