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Weird Sports

Updated on June 13, 2013

The somewhat loose definition of sports as any form of competitive activity that aims to maintain or improve the physical ability of the participants using organised rules has seen many games that many will term as “weird” grace the sporting scene. According to sporting record, there are around 8,000 sports in the world. This number comes down to about 442 when younarrow down the definition of sports to cover activities with higher degree of physical activity and has periodic tournaments. Even among this shortlist, there are some sports that still surprise sports lovers. Here are three sports that will blow your mind;


There is no winner or loser. The objective is simply to pass the deerskin ball to fellow players

Kemari is a Japanese sport that is played mainly for the pleasure of both players and spectators. Kemari is played on a 6 meters squared flat ground and involves the use of heads, feet, knees, back and elbow to keep the ball in the air. It was first played in 644.

2. Eton Wall Game

It is only played in one place on earth, the goals are a door and a tree, and there have been no goals since 1909.

Eton wall game would easily qualifier as the best pointless game ever. It is played only at England’s famous Eton College, a school renowned for breeding kings, prime ministers and noble men. The first recorded eton wall game is believed to have been played in 1756. The first of the big saint Andrew’s day matches was probably played in 1844 without printed rules. The rules were printed 5 years later.

The Eton wall game is similar to football and rugby union and is played on a 5 by 110 metres strip of ground next to a slightly curved brick wall (The Wall), erected in 1717. At each end of the wall is a special area known as calx. Both team tries to move the ball towards the opponent’s calx lifting it against the wall with his foot in order to earn a “shy” which is worth one point, at which point a teammate touches the ball with his hands and yells “Got it!”

The game runs for an hour split into two halves of 30 minutes each. No goals have been scored in the St. Andrew Day Game since 1909.

1. Calcio storico

Except for the kick off there are no real rules for the game

The origin of Calcio storico or calico in costume- one of the oldest recorded ball game dates back as early as the 15th century in Florence. It is a violent combination of football, wrestling, soccer and boxing and is believed to have begun as a way to keep military troops in shape when they were not warring. The tournament is every year in June in Florence's Piazza Santa Croce on a thick layer of sand.

A goal is made by throwing the ball over 4 foot high wooden wall that runs across the field. Apart from making a goal, there are no real guidelines for the game. Every player does anything in his power to stop an opponent from scoring as the round ball is tossed around the field. Clawing, kicking, tackling and Punching, are all tactics used to stop a rampaging opponent (biting and sand throwing are tactics that have been used in recent events).


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