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A strange new object enters the Solar system. It will orbit the sun and pass by the Earth. The experts are pretty sure it won’t do crap…….

Okay, that is my Avatar. How I ended up here is such a chance thing that a hub could probably be made of That. The point is, Jose Guerena’s death and torture by neglect,called to me. As it should every freedom loving American.

I really did not have a choice.

I feel like I have found a home here, or more likely, a survival shelter.

You do not just park yourself in a shelter. You have to maintain it, you need to make improvements. I will endeavor to be up to the task, and you, Dear Reader, will decide if I am pulling it off.

Thank You for the observation.

Don Yeomans, a researcher at NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office at JPL:

“Comet Elenin will not only be far away, it is also on the small side for comets. And comets are not the most densely-packed objects out there. They usually have the density of something akin to loosely packed icy dirt,” said Yeomans. “So you’ve got a modest-sized icy dirtball that is getting no closer than 35 million kilometers. It will have an immeasurably miniscule influence on our planet. By comparison, my subcompact automobile exerts a greater influence on the ocean’s tides than comet Elenin ever will.”

Ode to not the most densely-packed objects out there

When each of you who fought so well

To wind of war you finally fell

The loss we feel no words can say

Yet I must speak these words today

I swear to you this solemn vow

I swear it here; I swear it now

The price you paid in blood and pain

You did not lose your life in vain

Though we grieve a fallen friend

We hoist the flag and build again

Courtesy of

Fred [Ghost 32] B.

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