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    Changing Attitudes towards Birth Control During the Great Depression

    6 years ago

    Margaret Sanger and her sister Ethyl Byrne, on the steps of a courthouse in Brooklyn, New York, on January 8, 1917. This photo was taken during a trial accusing Sanger and others for opening a birth control clinic in New York. Both were found guilty.

  • Evolution of the Home

    Evolution of the Home

    7 years ago

    Until fairly recently in our history domestic work has been considered the work of females. During the 19th and the greater part of the 20th centuries it was even considered improper for a man to know how about or perform any household chores. To do so would break the unspoken agreement between the...

  • The Founding of America: Reflections of Colony Founding Principles in the 1790 Naturalization Act

    The Founding of America: Reflections of Colony Founding Principles in the 1790 Naturalization Act

    8 years ago

    Early Colonists had different reasons for coming to the Americas. Some were searching for wealth, others for religious freedom and purity, and still others for a new beginning. Susan Martin in her book, A Nation of Immigrants, outlines the three colony models, which represent three positions on...

  • From Qualitative to Quantitative Restrictions on Immigration 1891-1924

    From Qualitative to Quantitative Restrictions on Immigration 1891-1924

    7 years ago

    Immigration restriction and reform has been a controversial subject since it was first considered. By what standards should immigration be limited and to what numbers? These are two of the main questions facing immigration regulation. The United States has attempted many different methods of...

  • 2

    The Causes of Conflict Between Tenement Residents and City Officials

    8 years ago

    As the “American City” expanded its industry, people began to pour into the city. Immigrants and people from the hinterlands moved to the city looking for a better life and more opportunities. In other words, they came to work. And as more people moved into the cities, the greater the demand was...

  • American Environmental Perspectives and the Role of A Sand County Almanac

    American Environmental Perspectives and the Role of A Sand County Almanac

    7 years ago

    Views on the environment have changed immensely over time. Each view has been professed by a different person. One of the first organized ideas about the environment came from the romanticism movement. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau both enlightened the people about the beauty of...

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    Controversy Over Linear B Decipherment

    7 years ago

    In Bronze Age Greece, three forms of writing emerged: Pictographic, Linear A, and Linear B. All three were originally discovered during Arthur Evans excavations of Knossos on Crete. Linear B was later found at Pylos on the mainland of Greece as well. Of these three early writing forms, Linear B...

  • 7

    Revolution: Its Impact on Economic Theorists

    6 years ago

    The late 19th century was a critical time of change: social, economical, political, and more. This change resulted from the revolutions of the previous centuries. Three such revolutions in particular are the French Revolution, Scientific Revolution, and the Christian Reformation. The culmination of...

  • 3

    Doctor Zhivago and the Russian Revolution

    2 years ago

    Pasternak follows his characters through their experiences during the Russian Revolutions, World War I, and the Russian Civil War.

  • 7

    Effects of Climate on the Origins of the French Revolution

    8 years ago

    This study focuses on the effects of climate change on crop yields as a contributor to the cause of the French Revolution. Climate change led to extreme seasons. The combination of harshly cold winters, flooding springs, and harshly hot summers led to a reduction of overall crop yield in France....

  • 2

    The Russian Revolution of 1905, The October Manifesto, and The Fundamental Laws of 1906

    8 years ago

    The Russian Revolution of 1905 began on January 9, 1905 with the massacre in St. Petersburg, where troops fired on a peaceful crowd attempting to bring petitions for change to the Tsar. This day has been named Bloody Sunday. The crowd was led by Father George Gapon who formalized the demands of...

  • 8

    The Ottoman Empire and the Christendom

    3 years ago

    The Ottoman Empire was one of the largest Islamic Empires to date. It expanded from the Red Sea to present day Algeria to the borders of Austria-Hungry, and in its vast territory Islam encountered many different types of people (Ahmad 20). On the western front of the empire the Ottomans conquered...

  • Modern Westerns

    Modern Westerns

    7 years ago

    The Western is often considered a dead genre. This is due in part to the limitations of the genre’s strict conventions such as the American west location with open spaces and bright light views, the expansionist period time setting, the rugged loner hero who is outside the law, the town or woman in...

  • Women in Early Soviet Society

    Women in Early Soviet Society

    8 years ago

    The Russian Revolution demanded changes in the lives of the people from Tsarist Russia. In the upheaval of the regime change, life changed dramatically for women in particular. The revolution and later the Soviet government relied on the support of women to secure their position of power. The...

  • 4

    Russian Avant-garde Art: Rayonnism, Suprematism, and Constructivism

    2 years ago

    The Russian Avant-garde artistic movement is typically thought of existing primarily in the years of 1890-1930 and was a time of artistic freedom, experimentalism, and abstract expression. Rayonnism, Suprematism, and Constructivism are the three main artistic movements that fall under the greater...


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