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Owner of essensu holistic skincare. I have a true passion to create exceptional holistic skincare right from Mother Nature's Apothecary. Our products will excite your senses through Aromatherapy. They may also provide calm and relaxation simply by inhaling their aroma. We bring the garden to skincare by incorporating the essence of nature into every product.

My mission at ESSENSU is to share my passion for natural skincare by providing the ultimate skincare experience, to promote wellness from the outside in. What we put on our skin is as important as what we put into our bodies. It's important to nourish our skin, which is our body's largest organ, just as we need to nourish our bodies. We're also able to NURTURE our skin, which in turn nurtures our body, simply by including the gifts Mother Nature has bestowed upon us, into our daily beauty routine.

Nature is perhaps our most powerful healer, and it provides us inspiration for each and every product created and formulated. Our website: www.essensu.com. For DIY beauty recipes, skincare infomation, and everything beauty related visit our blog: Beauty Talk Magazine, www.beautytalkmagazine.com. You may also enjoy our other publication, TheHolisticDiva.net, which covers holistic living, green and eco-friendly topics, inspiration, reviews, beauty and health topics, fitness, and well-being.

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