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My name is Sandra M. Urquhart. If you find that you like my flow, check out http://www.sandramurquhart.com. There you'll see an index of articles I've written from all over the web.

As a massage therapist (http://www.issuesinyourtissuesmassagetherapy.com/), I am known as "The Muscle Whizperer," and I am the originator of "The Urquhart Unwind." My focus is pain relief & I do this by muscle release. I utilize of Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Reflexology and Trigger Point Therapy and techniques, and I also do Prenatal Massage, and I also work on children, particularly special needs.

I use one of seven body maps to find your pain pattern. All I need to identify is what kind of work you do, or activities you are regularly involved in, and I can find the pain in your body. I know exactly where to go to find it because I, myself, have lived with pain for a long time. If you read my health related articles, you will see where my overall knowledge about the body and natural health and healing is greatly increased when I suffer pain myself; because I learn the cause and how to eradicate it.

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In case you were wondering, my handle means "Heavenly Mystery." I am a child of God first, mom second, writer third, and a massage therapist, fourth.

My First Book/Ebook: Dear Child Of God

A little book of total scriptural encouragement for all people. Its full of words of comfort for those times when we are going through trials and hardships that we just cannot control. There is hope and healing for the hurting heart and this book provides the assurance of God's providence and a future beyond heartache.


If God were to write a letter of scriptural comfort to you during any crisis or difficulty you faced, this would be it. This letter of love was written for a friend in just such a crisis. The scriptures it contains are words of comfort, not condemnation.


Peace and blessing to all.

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