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    Frog Hibernation

    3 years ago

    Do frogs hibernate? Where do frogs go when the weather gets extreme? What do frogs do in the winter when ponds and lakes freeze over? What happens when frog ponds dry up in summer heat? Where do the frogs go? Frogs, like other amphibians, must keep...

  • 15

    Max the Cat cooperative Board Game

    6 years ago

    Together players help a bird, mouse and chipmunk scurry back to their homes in a tree before the family cat can capture them. Players work cooperatively in this board game for children 4 and up.

  • 42

    Blueberries for Sal Unit Study

    6 years ago

    Fun, hands-on activities related to the book Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey. Pick, plant and preserve blueberries. Activities for teaching children to read, write and experience math. Yum!

  • 32

    Ancient Greece: A Unit Study

    6 months ago

    Explore Ancient Greece through fun, hands-on activities your homeschoolers or classroom students will love. Learn about the gods, myths, geography and geometry.

  • 29

    Frog Eggs

    6 years ago

    Collect frog eggs and watch as they grow and hatch into tadpoles. What an amazing experience for children. Be sure to release the tadpoles back into the vernal pool where you found them...

  • 28

    Build a Classroom Frog Pond

    6 years ago

    Build a frog pond to enhance learning in all areas of the curriculum. Learn how to build your own pond. Incorporate pondlife observations into all aspects of the curriculum.

  • 19

    Learning to Count with Frogs

    9 years ago

    Frog themed math activities for children learning to count. We will be counting frogs and tadpoles, singing about frogs and learning beginning math skills. Come on over and count the frogs...

  • 182

    Penmanship: The Art of Teaching Handwriting

    8 months ago

    Good handwriting is still an important skill. Whether you or your children need to improve your penmanship, use this guide to learn dozens of activities and lessons that will allow you to write in a beautiful hand.

  • 30

    Pre-Algebra Games and Fun

    9 years ago

    Teach math through games. Replace your textbooks with fun, hands-on games and activities that teach a love of numbers, geometry, logic, strategy and all four operations. Be prepared for Algebra...

  • 24

    Understanding a Billion

    9 years ago

    Activities to help children understand larger numbers. How can we comprehend numbers in the millions, billions and beyond? Fun, hands-on lessons in place value and quantities in the billions...

  • 26

    Old Black Fly Unit Study

    9 years ago

    Unit Study about houseflies filled with fun, hands-on activities. inspired by Jim Alyesworth's book, Old Black Fly...

  • 129

    Skip Count, Skip Count, Count by Two's

    9 years ago

    Fun, energetic, hands-on activities for learning skip counting sequences. Sing, dance, and build. Your kids will love learning to skip count by 2's, 5's, 10's and all numbers in between. Come count...

  • 58

    Pumpkins and Place Value

    3 years ago

    Learning place value can be as fun as carving a pumpkin. Scoop out the seeds, roast them and count the seeds by ones, tens and hundreds. Dozens of hands-on activities for teaching place value...

  • 46

    The Three Billy Goats Gruff

    9 years ago

    Reading the classic tale of the Three Billy Goats Gruff is a delightful way to kick off a unit study about goats. We compare fiction and non-fiction, make graphs, build bridges and play lots of games.

  • 67

    Animal Tracks Unit Study for Elementary-Age Students

    7 months ago

    Wildlife leave animal tracks near your home. Watch for their footprints in snow, mud, or sand. Use these activities to help you remember which animals go with these prints. Come look for animal tracks!

  • 52

    Alligator Pie Unit Study

    9 years ago

    Alligators are learning to read and write down in the swamp. Post the Alligator Pie Poem and let the kids sing along. Lots more alligator themed hands-on activities help kids read, write and cipher...

  • 72

    Starry Starry Night Unit Study

    6 years ago

    Explore the night sky through the eyes of an artist. From Van Gogh;s Starry, Starry Night to your own observations let's learn about stars, write about what we have learned and share our observations.

  • 674

    Frog Unit Study: Hopping to Learn

    3 years ago

    Dozens of hands-on frog themed activities for teaching children to read, write, and cypher. Hop on down to the frog pond. Watch tadpoles hatch and write about froglets. Sing frog songs. Play leapfrog!


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