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Originally from Delaware and Maryland, I spent time in the US Army as a Combat Medic, briefly living in South Carolina and Texas before being stationed at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. After a medical discharge, I moved to Colorado where I currently reside with my husband, son, and two cats.

I began my research into and practice of Wicca in the summer of 2000. As I learned, I built webpages and online communities to share the knowledge as I obtained it. Messages in the Moonlight (MIM) was born in 2003 and continues to grow and mature with me. Although I still associate with Wicca, I considers myself a Witch with heavy Wiccan influence.

I hold a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with the hopes of working toward a Masters of Divinity in the future. I became a self-published author in 2012 and continue to work on novels and books for future publication.

I no longer publish my writing here on HubPages. If you would like to know why and where you can find my old hubs that are no longer available here, please see the hub Where Did Evy's Hubs Go?

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  • Wicca Beginner Tips

    Wicca Beginner Tips

    3 years ago

    Newcomers to Wicca often feel a little lost as to where they should start. This article offers advice in the first year of study as a new Wiccan to build a solid foundation for years to come.

  • What Wicca Is: An Answer In a Sea of Voices

    What Wicca Is: An Answer In a Sea of Voices

    3 years ago

    We hear the question "What is Wicca" nearly every time the topic comes up, yet the answers provided are typically wrong or misleading at best. Figuring out the right answer begins with ruling out the misconceptions....

  • Akhenaten: The First Stirrings of Monotheism

    Akhenaten: The First Stirrings of Monotheism

    3 years ago

    Akhenaten threw away the long history of Egyptian belief to follow faith in a single deity, the Aten. Historians, scholars, and religions today argue the effects the pharaoh had on later monotheistic religions if any....