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Where Did Evy's Hubs Go?

Updated on December 2, 2013

After the BigEzine issue in 2012 was brought to the surface, there were quite a few concerns raised over HubPages response to the issue. Yes, HubPages could not legally do anything for the work of the hubbers being stolen as we retain all of our rights to our individual hubs and all that is included in them. However, there were a few hubbers (myself included) who were upset that HubPages, who also had work stolen, was not joining the band of hubbers who were working together to sort though all the hurdles we were jumping in our attempts to find the correct information on who to contact with our DMCA complaints besides Google. The responses we were getting were either not useful (Here's what we can't do...) or pointed us to articles in the Learning Center that we had already referenced.

Considering that it is the hubbers who ultimately make HubPages what it is, I found myself torn between continuing to publish here with a great community of writers and going elsewhere with my work. As I personally feel I should not associate with a company I do not agree with or who does not include the community as a priority in their mission, my integrity would be jeopardized if I stay. In the short time I have written here, I have come across many hubs and outside articles about HubPages from past Hubbers and second-hand accounts of why others have left in the past. Some stories were a bit vague in the details, but the message that HubPages does not care about the writers is always loud and clear; great community of writers, not so great company to be handing over part of our earning potential to. I could not agree more.

Even when you strip away the fact that I am one of few people who put their integrity above most other things in life, writing for HubPages earning-wise is like working for or well-below minimum wage. If you do not absolutely love your job, love your co-workers, and simply love and adore your boss who better care about you to be paying you such a laughable wage, you're going to leave. I loved writing for a content website that helped me better understand how to engage readers. I loved writing alongside other writers who were more about the passion of writing and sharing knowledge than earning a buck (but learning how to do that, too). I did not love writing for a boss who demonstrated a lack of caring.

Briefly on the Money Thing

Content writing anywhere hardly makes anything. HubPages is certainly no criminal for just how little of a percent writers see out of what their Hubs bring in. More often than not, any other content sites that offer significantly higher percentages simply do not pay out regardless of what self-proclaimed "legitimate" reviewers of those companies say. If you do not run a website of your own, are looking to expand beyond the subject area of your website, or just want to publish something and make a few cents a month doing it, HubPages and other content sites could be exactly what you're looking for.

For me, writing for HubPages just is not worth it financially. When I wrote here regularly, I saw anywhere between $2 and $10 a month. As soon as I started moving a few Hubs to my website (and not particularly popular ones), I saw that $2-10/month drop down to $0.01-$1.00 a month and it only goes down with each Hub removed no matter how high my Hubs' page views and ad clicks go up. Needless to say, such interesting and unclear algorithms of how pay is calculated certainly raises my confidence that leaving was the best thing for me.

What is interesting, is even when I do not delete or add content on my personal website, I still have more months in a year making equal to double (even triple sometimes) through Google Adsense than I did here at HubPages. Important to note is that my website as a whole has considerably less visitors and a much higher bounce rate than all my Hubs here combined. This is less an argument against writing for content sites and more of an argument for starting your own website and/or blog separate from any company who will take large percentages of your earning potential.

Where My Hubs Are

There is no wrong or right in choosing to stay or go for those who write for HubPages. It is a personal choice and the "best" choice will be dependent upon the individual, his or her lifestyle and preferences, writing goals, and personal values. For me, the best choice is to go.

The hubs about hubs and HubPages will stay as they do not fit elsewhere on the net. Many of my articles are moving to my personal website, Messages in the Moonlight. I will find other homes for the rest. When I made the decision to leave, I realized that many of my hubs have been linked to from other areas of the net, so if you are trying to locate them, I will be putting together a list to redirect you to those articles. Because HP does not allow promotion of other sites and many of my old hubs have moved to my website, you can find the list at

Where I'll Be

I am not going anywhere. I love the community here at HubPages and intend to spend time each day reading through all your wonderful hubs and commenting on the work you are doing. I simply will not be publishing my writing here anymore. I will keep this hub updated as I continue moving my writing elsewhere. As the list grows, I am sure this hub will be viewed as self-serving instead of as the link change information it is meant to be. Feel free to email me any time if you have questions as to where my writing is now!

© 2012 Evylyn Rose


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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      Be blessed! Hope it all works out for you.

    • Evylyn Rose profile image

      Evylyn Rose 5 years ago from Colorado, USA

      Thanks for the sweet comment, kitty. :) That's one of the things I love about this wonderful community and part of why I'm not leaving in that sense. I love the community, just not the company, which is why I simply will not be publishing my writing here anymore. April had a lot of unexpected twists and turns for me, so I got quite a bit out of the loop. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can really take the time to sit down and catch up! Blessings. ^_^

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

      Eeeek...I do not want to judge Evy, but I feel you made a mistake and might regret it later. I say that because Hubpages is such A WONDERFUL community as far as the Pagans and open-minded writers & readers here. Come back if you miss us, because I know I'll miss you! Blessings, sweetie.

    • Evylyn Rose profile image

      Evylyn Rose 5 years ago from Colorado, USA

      As I mentioned, I love the community here. I just don't care for HubPages. I already stated in this hub what my issue is. HP can't do any of the work for us because we hold the copyrights, but as they had work stolen by the same site, they could have been standing along with all the hubbers to take the site down. The community here is great, the company not so much.

      As for plagiarism from my site, it's happened before and no big deal. It's not the plagiarism issue that led to my decision to leave here. I don't know if I can say that enough. ***I am NOT leaving because of the plagiarism.*** I am leaving because of HubPages response to the hubbers who were concerned as to why they weren't fighting against the site with us. It was a clear indication of the level of HP's concern for the writers here. Either they simply don't care (as previous hubbers who've left have indicated) or they see themselves as above and separate from the writers, which is just as bad. I wouldn't knowingly support such a company (I am the type who actually sticks to her guns and boycotts stores, organizations, and the like who engage in practices I disagree with), so it does not make any sense whatsoever for me to write for one and help them earn money.

      As I specifically stated in the hub, I will still be here for the community and to read and comment on the work my fellow writers are sharing. I'm just not publishing my writing here anymore.

    • Anamika S profile image

      Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

      If you have decided to stop writing because of the BigE issues, then that is your call. It could have happened to any site and what is the guarantee that it can't happen to your site? I do not see how HubPages can get involved when the authors have the copyrights. It is the battle of the copyright holder to defend his/her rights. If you are not already aware, the Hubbers stood united against content theft and got the site down. Where else would you see such a wonderful community?