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Hi, everyone! I am from Kerala, India who loves to read, write and watch movies. I also love blogging. My ambition is to become a published author someday. My favourite books include Agatha Chrisite's novels, Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Harry Potter series, Sophie's Choice, Fountainhead, Jeffrey Archer's Paths of Glory, Kane and Abel, Jeffrey Deaver's Garden of Beasts, P.G. Wodehouse's books and so on.

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  • The Lure of Design Home

    The Lure of Design Home

    5 weeks ago

    One day while I was earnestly looking through the infinite number of videos exclusively selected for my viewing by Facebook, it suddenly dawned upon my mind that it was all such a waste of time...

  • The Bronte Home

    The Bronte Home

    3 weeks ago

    Bronte Parsonage Museum Three years back when my husband and I were in UK, we visited the Bronte Parsonage Museum at Haworth, West Yorkshire. I had been really looking forward to this visit because it was the house of...

  • Is It Difficult...

    Is It Difficult...

    5 weeks ago

    Is it difficult... To say a kind word To restrain an unkind word To do something generous... Is it too complicated... To listen To smile To forgive Is it too much of a challenge... Not to disrespect Not to hate Not...

  • Fighting Cholesterol

    Fighting Cholesterol

    3 weeks ago

    My husband had a regular check-up sometime back and to my shock, it turned out that he had a high cholesterol value! From then on it has been something of a great concern to me. Him? Well, he isn’t much of a worrying...