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John Ward (faith-hope-love)

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  • Age 80+: No Roof

    Age 80+: No Roof

    4 months ago

    Greed is the cause of much suffering and is a worse malady, than the disease of CANCER. One could call it a CANCER of Society. There is a Pandemic of Greed that is the cause of much suffering to many people. Greed is the Cause of the homeless numbers growing... Greed has now Permeated our Society,

  • Humility, Or?

    Humility, Or?

    5 months ago

    Humility is a way of life that spreads the Gospel of Love to all that it contacts. Humility reaches out without aggression or hostility will with love bring about a Better and caring Society with Grace.

  • Greed - Avarice,- Society┬┤s Cancer

    Greed - Avarice,- Society´s Cancer

    3 months ago

    Greed takes many forms today. We justify greed in many ways. Refusing to see our actions as Greed. In today's world, greed is the cause of poverty and suffering. Greed is a Bad Choice. Refuse to drink from the wine of greed. We should think always, what effect will our actions have on other people,

  • CHARITY!  All are in Need...

    CHARITY! All are in Need...

    5 months ago

    Charity, Real Charity is much more than the giving of money and bread to ease the immediate needs of those relegated to a life of Poverty. Charity is giving oneself. Charity = REAL LOVE in Action. Charity is a real love for all of Mankind. A feeling of wonder we relate to Brother and Sister Humans

  • Forgiveness.- Restores and Saves.

    Forgiveness.- Restores and Saves.

    5 months ago

    When we give to another our forgiveness we still have the memory of the injury, or Hurt. Forgiveness doesn't mean we forget. As time passes we find forgiveness eases the hurt. To forgive rebuilds our life.

  • The Case for Marriage. Why It Is Important.

    The Case for Marriage. Why It Is Important.

    5 months ago

    When I think of marriage I mean a union between One Man and One Woman. No one has the moral right to try to change this meaning. Marriage is and always was vowed between A "Man and a Woman". SO IT IS. So be it.

  • Indifference.  (Enemy of Intimacy).

    Indifference. (Enemy of Intimacy).

    5 months ago

    Indifference is the greatest and most significant enemy, a barrier to good lasting, and well-nurtured relationships in either (Marriage or Friendship). In my opinion, this poor habit will Kill love. No one wants to be taken for granted. We must never allow Familiarity to take others for a given.

  • Talk About Hate. (All Forms Are Self Destructive.)

    Talk About Hate. (All Forms Are Self Destructive.)

    5 months ago

    HATE. I have experienced Hate and have given in to the temptation to hate. This short piece will report what I found happens when one lets oneself be consumed by Hate. Hate is self-destructive. Not a Good scene.

  • Slavery. Economic;  Social.  (Sophisticated Slavery of the Modern World.)

    Slavery. Economic; Social. (Sophisticated Slavery of the Modern World.)

    5 months ago

    Slavery is the use of another "Human Being" to enrich oneself at used person's expense. Whatever method that is used to bring about or cause this injustice is immoral and uncaring. Blind to suffering

  • Faith. Universal. Life Changing Faith.

    Faith. Universal. Life Changing Faith.

    5 months ago

    A quote from "St Paul". from the letter to Hebrews. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for. The evidence of that not seen."

  • 1

    "Hope". Essence for Life.

    5 months ago

    Hope is the mortar that firms the bricks of Living. Hope gives meaning and endurance for our journey to and firms up our destination. Hope is a crucial "Life" ingredient. "Hold TIGHT to HOPE".

  • Have Faith, hope, and Love.

    Have Faith, hope, and Love.

    5 months ago

    Enlighten your abilities for "Faith - Hope - Love", by building an understanding of all three and how they are eternally linked. Give of our compassion and love to the (World). They united build.

  • Love Is First

    Love Is First

    5 months ago

    The greatness of Love, Agape love. Agape Love is love given but requiring no return. When we make a deposit of this Kind of Love (Real Love) we expect to have no gain by our giving that "Agape LOVE."


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