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I am a retired Marine Engineer. I hold also a millwrights ticket, also I am a qualified Machinist. I served an apprenticeship as a Turner/Fitter. I hold a hydraulics Certificate, riggers, chainsaw, and a few others. I have studied Human Relations, Self development, Different Religions. Love Reading THe Bible. I was at one time in my life planning on being a Priest which I felt Called to and in some ways still do. I am married and have been, happily, for the past 50+ years. I have travelled to more than 400 countries and territories. I was a Royal Marine for a stint. I have met a few people who had an impact on me and they will in the near future be Canonised. Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Sister Agnes of Bombay and Frank Duff of dublin. Those people have made a difference in the world, We can, all, do the same by reaching out to one other person each day or week. One at a time. Just one other person each and every day with love. Just believe. Have Faith. Faith more than belief, Hope more than wishes and Love is the decision and action that keeps sanity in the world. Real charity is love in active service, You need Faith and Hope to have real Love for our fellow Man. I am not a supporter of Political correctness. To me a Man is a Man, a Woman is a Woman, Male and Female made He them. One compliments and completes the other. Together they are equal partners and make up the whole of humanity. I believe that we all individualy should reach out to others. Especially those who are less fortunate and or have fallen on bad times. We must reach out in a spirit of inclusiveneness in love and genuine concern. Members of humanity, of family of humans, need to know and be aware that they have VALUE, and others do care. No one person is placed on the discard pile. When we genuinely care for others and show it we will find we truly care about ourselves and can love ourselves. Reach out and give love to others. Fear not to love those who are downtrodden, the homeless, the unwashed. They are our Brothers and our Sisters. There but for supreme grace and the blessing of of our maker could be us. (YOU or ME.)

Believe in a better world. Believe in a just world where every person is important and treated with the respect that is the God given right of all creatures. We should, endeavour always to live up to the responsibility that humans have. Being at the top of creation and evolution,we have the responsibility and duty (ours) to look after our environment and the welfare of our brother and sister creatures of our earth. We must treat the earth, our planet as a vibrant and living organism, given to us to care for. We are not to exploit it for our own ends and our ultimate destruction and of mother earth.

We all, members of the Human Brother and Sisterhood have to come to realize just how strong is our affinity to Mother Earth, to the rest of creation. We must know within our hearts that we have an interconnectedness with our fellow Humans regardless of race and of our deep relationship to our sisters and brothers of the animal Kingdom. Not one species is dispensable and all are required to sustain and support life on and of our planet.

We redently experienced a period of being homeless. We were placed in this situation through no fault of our making. Our Landlord decided to tear the house we were living in Down and could not wait till we had got another place to lay our heads down. From helping the Homeless, I became one of them and got to experience it personally.

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