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Hello thanks for stopping by, I'm Adrienne a/k/a FeniqueS.

I'm just getting back into my writings at Hub pages. I'm guessing since I've publish writings I'm a writer.

I’ve written only a few, things which I must say after posting, re-reading, editing, and editing again. The girl ain’t have bad, if I do say so myself of me-self. This writing stuff, its helping to…lets say uncover the; me down under. When I finish and edit it seems ..no it feels like a big chunk life’s trash pile-ups are gone.

I’ve written of; Color-none being there, I even answered a request some questions asked.

I’ve met the Greatest Class of ‘Just like you and me’ classy kind of people here. I’ve writing on the kindness war and I live in Lake County, IL, that one keeps reminding me Support All persons serving in the US Armed forces, no matter what capacity.

I am a returning student, wanting to achieve the goals I set for myself a long time ago. I have two more semester at the Jr College, transfer to a four year University. My major is Psychology with a special concentration in Christian Sexuality Ministry.

I don’t talk much, blessed to be dyslexic. I write because I tell the feeling of something on paper better than coming from my voice. I like to write sultry seduction stories, not sure if they are allowed here, yes even Christian have sinners’ thoughts too. The Greatest best selling book has all kinds of such stories within it.

I do have my thoughts of different things. Some good, some bad, and some of both, I put it all to paper, more so that I can understand it; things get all jumbled around in my head. My thoughts or beliefs may or may not agree with yours. So we’ll agree to disagree. I like honesty that is true from the heart.

I use both hands and both sides of my brain. So I think like a woman and a man, a psychologist tested me sometime ago now. He said that was highly intelligent (wanted to ask him which Cracker Jacks box did his BA come in) I was in special ed/slow classes all my life, been labeled, “You Can’t”, “You’ll Never be..” and “All You’ll be good for…” all my childhood and teenage years. A high school counselor told me after taking those test to show what you’ll be when you go out into the world. The “Only thing you’d be good for is to have kids” good guidance, huh? The Devil sure made a liar out of him. I do not take much interest in those tests when they give them now.

I’m disabled, (I say Abled not dis) because of Lupus, Lymphedema (The major part of it is gone), and other things, but I’ve been in remission from the Lupus, since July 22, 2007. I say it’s gone, never to return. I know the struggles of living with those monsters, PAIN, Seizures, PAIN, and turning you into a vampire’s half cousin once removed; meaning can't go out into sunlight you'll get very, very sick.

October 18, 2013 I became a part of a whole new world and culture. I never thought, concidered or even could conceive my being around let alone being a part of this culture. The culture of Amputees. I'm a AKA-meaing Above the Knee Amputee. And there are a Whole lot of wonderful people within this culture world of amputee nation. I do have a prosthetic leg, but I use my wheelchair more. I have the need for speed and it does keep my arms and core in shape. I have my hard and difficult time, happy, glad and just good days time too.

I know the pain of hatred of my color, and the Love of it. The wordless moment when holding your first born, first born in your arms. When that beautiful little wrinkled-up face with tinny tiny eyes looks up at you and starts to whimper cry. You know that Our Lord is in His heavens and All is alright with the world.

I want to thank everyone for their help, and welcoming me here.

I'd like to welcome you to become my fan, take a look around. Join us your fellow sister and brother writers here at Hub Pages.

Good Writing everyone.

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