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Got That Time Now

Updated on June 26, 2010

Sun EZ #

If riding a recumbent is easy and comfortable, then riding a recumbent trike is even better. With a recumbent trike, the rider gets the comfort and mechanical pedaling advantage along with the stability and confidence a trike brings.  "The confidence
If riding a recumbent is easy and comfortable, then riding a recumbent trike is even better. With a recumbent trike, the rider gets the comfort and mechanical pedaling advantage along with the stability and confidence a trike brings. "The confidence

Just Killed My Summer..

11 weeks, two day now and still counting. That's how long ago it was when I shattered my ankle. It was a beautiful day out, my wonderful daughter-in-law called me. Told me to come over and get me a plate, it was Easter Sunday. And the girl can cook too, she worries of me being alone, because I forget to eat sometimes. I call her my 'Ruth'. I told my son if they ever break-up I'd disown him and keep her.

It had been raining a lot, and it seem to always rain on Easter Sunday. Ever since I was a little girl I remembered it would rain on Easter Sunday. I have me thoughts on that.

I decided to ride my bike, an Sun/EZ-3 recumbent bike, candy apple red. I got it because they told me that it will not turn over. I even did my research on the Sun site and yup it does say that. Still looks brand new, it should hardly ever have chance to ride it. I've been sick the major time of owning it.

I take the bike path a few blocks West of my house, cross over Hwy 173 and quickly get on the rocky shoulder to avoid being road kill. Paid close attention to the drop into the water channel ditch. Look a short distance ahead and see a drop in the payment that I know I will not make. I slow down, to a creeping crawl so I can turn on the side alleyway. I'm over half way in the turn, just about out of it. Then it happens, I look and the ground is coming at me and we kiss each other on the cheek, (the other set just round back way) I remembered how to fall. So ok , its going to be alright. Turning quickly looking at what was coming at me.

The metal top part of the back of the seat, hit me in the chest, with a force like someone just thew it at me. I feel my left side go into that sleeping numb feeling, my air felt like it was cut off. It rolled over me afterwards, but those bouncing rubber tires. Yes you guessed it. After it bounced, it did a 'Tigger' and bounced back over my head and landed on my ankle. Shattered it. The small bone in the leg, the femur bone split into and separated, the bone inside of my left ankle. The ligament and Tendons were shredded, the bone that went left it landed behind the ankle. The bone behind the ankle was also split and had a 3" gap in it.

Now who says there are not nice people in the world today. I was sitting there on the ground, shaking my head holding my chest and leg at same time trying to get my barrings. The wonderful man was coming up to me asking "Are you all right?" He told me he said it a few time before I even notice he was there. He said, "I saw you wipe out and you weren't going that fast." I looked up at him and agreed I wasn't, explained I had put on the breaks before making turn.

The surgeon, said I'd be in the cast/boot 6 months to a year. Did not lie. So it Just Killed My Summer. So I thought.

When I get some Time...

In bed with foot propped up, wanting so badly to lay on my side. Can't do it. I kept repeating in my mind the time of having it on. Saying my Summer is shot to Hades what am I going to do all this time.

I looked as a basket of clothes that have been there for over a month. I hate folding and ironing clothes. I used my walker to get it close to enough to reach and folding up all the clothes. But the time I was though it was time for me to get up and limp through the house. The doctor wanted didn't want me getting use to being in bed, and the more I moved around less chance of blood clot. Did not want that. I did my walk, came back and attempted to put the clothes away.

Looked into the draws and saw, some shirts that I didn't wear any more. Looked in another and saw more of the same and stuff that did not belong there. By the time I got through, I'd cleaned out all those draws of clothing. The ones that I kept saying I'd do when I get some time.

Here are some other thing you can do when laid up. Cause now you Got The Time.

Clean Out Those Draws and The Closet; you been meaning to do. If you can't get up have someone bring you a box of trash bags. You will use the whole box for the clothes and the pile up of papers.

Telephone/Online Mystery Shopper: Yes they do exist and there are some lit-git ones out there too.  So why not get paid while laid up?  Though it won't be much at first, but since you can't get out it will build up. 

Craft/s That you've been meaning to finish. Have some unfinished sewing, crocheting, knitting or unfinished pattern you started on. Do your kids or well meaning friends tell you this. "I have yet to see you finish a project' Well now you can and shut their mouths.

Speaking of unfinished, did you know that at end of every semester, students leave behind their pottery pieces that they did not finish and a lot that has been. There are a Lot of Great piece too. The college will give them away, at end of each semester, they have to clean out to get ready for next term. Contact the college/university closest to you, speak with the sculpture/pottery department. Give him your email address and I'm sure they will be glad to let you know when they are giving the art work away.

Always wanted too Try/Do/Learn..? Is there something you've been wanted too; either try do or learn? Remember those paper arts you use to do when you were a child. Its called

Origami and Kirigami

These are a lot of fun to do. If you have grandchildren, you can make little finger puppets. And put on shows together when they come visiting.

There are some Great other things you can do as well

Macramé Plant Holders and Jewelry

Friendship Bracelets

Hair Wrap

This is good if you have a teen aged girl around, works very well as an ice breaker to open up and talk with your daughter about a lot of things. Just be honest in your listening and talking. Don't get mad at what you hear. Just learn how wonderful that young person is and what a wonder woman they are going to be.

Knitting or Crocheting

There is a new way that is so easy and even more easier on your fingers if like me. You have arthritis in your fingers and hands. Its called a Knitting Loom. It like a combo of both knitting and crocheting together. You can makes every thing with it. Some great warm hats, scarfs slipper just to give you and ideal. And they make fantastic anytime gifts, you can save a lot for your holiday shopping. You could even sell them to make money for the holiday season.

My youngest 18 yrs now son got me into it. Yes my son (16 yrs at time). He started making hats and would sell them at $7 a piece it gave him pocket chance. The yard he would buy, but mostly he would go to a ladies center home where he lived. He'd asked them for the yard they didn't use. They were glad to give it to him, they love him so much they brought him a sewing machine for a going away present. He's major is fashion design.

See the link below for all of these.

Have a laptop? Been wanted to take a class? Perfect time to do it, and you can online a lot of colleges offer courses online now.

Want to learn a new language?

Google search free Spanish, French and see the sites that have it there just for you, since now you have time to learn. You can learn at your own pace to listening too the correct pronunciation of the words.

Reading That you've been meaning to catch up. Contact you library, explain the situation and they may deliver to your home.

Writing those hubs and letters

Paying Bills online.

Tithes wanting to pay but can't afford too? Call your church and ask is there is something that you can do for the church from home. Mailings, church bulletin, making calls to the sick and shut in. This one you can relate too, so if you don't know what to talk about. This is a great start in doing in giving 10% or more of yourself. It will also give you the chance to know your church member better and make some friends. If you have a church, just call a church in your neighborhood, any church would be glad to get some extra help with thing. The smallest of things are sometimes the biggest.

Household Budget Program you have on your laptop but have not had time to look at and make a household budget. Well now you can.

Grading papers Contact your child's school and again explain the circumstance see if they have something that you could do while laid up. You're been doing a great and wonderful help of being a part of your child's education.

Photography You could get some great photos from your bed room window.

There are a lot of things you can do. Just remember all the things that you've Been Meaning To...? and go from there.



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