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When I started writing on hubpages over 3 years ago, I had just moved back from Mississippi to my home state Texas. I was just awarded my disablity after a long and difficult 2 1/2 year common denial process during which time I lost everything I owned. I moved in with my father in Corpus Christi, TX and had nothing but time. So I started researching and writing, and then I found hubpages.

Three years later I am now living in San Antonio, TX and am the Founder and CEO of NORML, a non-profit organization that supports legalizing marijuana and ending the drug war. I have had my writing published monthly for two free publications in the Central Texas area, and I acheived High Times Freedom Fighter in this year's June edition of High Times.

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  • Hepatitis C

    Hepatitis C

    6 months ago

    Many people that have Hepatitis C do not have any symptoms Cirrhosis of the liver has usually developed before symptoms begin to show It is a viral disease that leads to the swelling (inflammation) of the liver ...

  • What Tattoo Should I Get?

    What Tattoo Should I Get?

    6 months ago

    I was tattooed for the first and only time when I was 28 years old. Update at end of page. The tattoo is located on the inside of my left wrist. The proper name for what I have tattooed on me is called the triquetra. ...

  • Extinctions of the Earth

    Extinctions of the Earth

    6 months ago

    Minor and mass extinctions have occurred over a dozen times since the earth has been occupied by life. It is a natural process. We will one day be wiped out just like life before us.

  • My Hurricane Katrina Story

    My Hurricane Katrina Story

    6 months ago

    There were so many stories... mine is nothing compared to the nightmare some went through, but none the less.... it was an experience I will never forget. And bless the lives lost and still missing.

  • Mississippi Agates

    Mississippi Agates

    5 weeks ago

    For hours I've searched for the ancient, semi-precious stone that fascinates my soul. I have been told there is nothing special about the agates found on the rock banks of Mississippi, but I disagree.