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We are homesteading in the Great Smokey Mountains in Eastern Tennessee in a wonderful place called Shady Valley. We are located at nearly 3000 feet in the mountains of the Cherokee National Park. (always about 10 degrees cooler than say Bristol just 30 minutes away) We found Shady on a road trip 3 years ago and knew in an instant this was our new home. All we had to do was sell our house on Moosehead Lake in Maine as well as our general store in Rockwood. That took two intensive years, but we are here despite the economy! We did whatever it took to pull it off in these testy times in our country and the world but we saw the need to get back to the land.
I am a Master Electrician and Technician specializing in commercial laundry and kitchen repairs, mechanic, inventor, composter, welder, photographer, etc.
I am involved in Aquaponics and farming, digital photography (particularly panoramas up to 16 feet long), writing, boating, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, etc. and just wild about building up our homestead. I hope to write many more HP's about things we invent and build from composters to garden sheds and barns, woodstoves, HHO generators, photography and so much more. So many interests, so little time.
We have two great grown up "kids". Our son is a Mechanical Eng. and our daughter a Paramedic. My wife Lynne raises all sorts of farm critters and takes care of the farm in general.
I should have joined HubPages years ago when I first stumbled across this great community. I have written blogs and created websites for a number of years but always felt totally on my own until now. Thanks HP for your amazingly easy to use service and great support!

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