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    Things In A Box Poem by Laura Grace

    4 years ago

    This a Poem that tries to portray the devastating mental compulsive disorder called Hoarding that afflicts a great number of people worldwide, that not only affects the person with the disorder, but it is also an emotional struggle for close relatives and friends. More awareness/ research is needed.

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    Today - a Poem by Laura Grace

    4 years ago

    A Poem about recognizing the need to sometimes give ourselves the attention that we kindly and too often give to others.

  • Red Coat, Poem by Laura Grace

    Red Coat, Poem by Laura Grace

    4 years ago

    Poem about childhood, life, and growing old, which is the inevitable for everyone in the planet, but it is a different experience for each of us.

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    Bonsai Poem, written by Laura Grace

    4 years ago

    We all have activities or hobbies where we can loose ourselves and be in the present. It’s a rewarding experience that I tried to portrayed in this poem.

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    Tomorrow, Poem by Laura Grace

    4 years ago

    I think Poetry and Gardening go hand in hand. What better inspiration than nature itself.

  • The Ups and Downs of a New Empty Nester

    The Ups and Downs of a New Empty Nester

    4 years ago

    This is unknown territory, The Empty Nest Syndrome that my husband and I seem to be experiencing. It has its ups and downs, its a passage of time that I know will get better; It’s a new phase, and we must try to look at the positives -less laundry? and adjust to a new different life.

  • To Bonsai or Not to Bonsai, that Is the Question

    To Bonsai or Not to Bonsai, that Is the Question

    5 years ago

    Bonsai Trees are living art. They represent peace, and harmony. They are living sculptures that are in constant balance and able to transport the viewer to an imaginary mystical landscape.

  • The Desert Rose and Me: The perfect Love Affair

    The Desert Rose and Me: The perfect Love Affair

    4 years ago

    Several years ago I began a love affair with the Desert Rose. I have found this plant to be the most faithful, forgiving, and generous of all plants I own. It ignores the cold, it rarely asks for a drink, it constantly showers me with amazing flowers, what more could I ask from a loving liaison?

  • Tropical Beauty: The Jacaranda Tree

    Tropical Beauty: The Jacaranda Tree

    10 years ago

    “A Jacaranda tree stands tall, and sways as if to say, Look! At this magnificence, I’m wearing blue today…” Poem By Ann Beard, A Jacaranda Tree.

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    The Best Small Trees to Plant in your Yard

    10 years ago

    I would like to talk about the dilemma of having a relatively small yard and yearning to plant one, two, or several trees. What type of tree should I plant? Here are some helpful suggestions...

  • History of The Christmas Poinsettia

    History of The Christmas Poinsettia

    10 years ago

    Who could imagine the month of December without Poinsettias displayed in every nursery, store, or home? The Poinsettia plant has become a trademark during Christmas time, but this wasn’t always the case...

  • The Magic Spell: Gardening, beneficial for mind and body

    The Magic Spell: Gardening, beneficial for mind and body

    10 years ago

    Being in contact with nature is always a meaningful and rewarding experience, but gardening can also be the perfect stress release activity after a taxing day. When you work physically in the garden your mind forgets your everyday problems as you only concentrate on the task at hand. Gardening is...

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    Mysteries and Marvels of the Weeping Willow Tree

    10 years ago

    The weeping willow, subject and inspiration of many son lyrics, poems, and ancient tales, is a symbol of beauty, melancholy, and spiritual connection. With their graceful hanging branches and their dramatic statue, Weeping Willow trees are both mysterious and fascinating...

  • The gift of African Violets

    The gift of African Violets

    10 years ago

    My first African Violet was given to me by a friend on my birthday. it turned out to be a gift that keeps on giving, as it flowers continuously and more profusely each time. I realized that the African violet is the easiest most rewarding indoor flowering plant you can grow. as long as you follow...

  • The perfect Garden Style for Florida

    The perfect Garden Style for Florida

    8 years ago

    Certainly there are Garden Styles that better suit a distinct region and a specific style of house or architecture. In Florida, we have many choices of garden styles to choose from, for example...

  • How to create a French Garden in Florida

    How to create a French Garden in Florida

    10 years ago

    French gardens are quite magnificent and with the application of some of these guidelines, you will be able to re-create that special feeling a French garden evokes in your own Florida scenery.

  • What Does it take to Grow Roses in Florida?

    What Does it take to Grow Roses in Florida?

    8 years ago

    Florida gardeners, including me, do not find roses to be the easiest plants to grow. On the contrary, we are faced with many obstacles when it comes to growing roses in our region. So what does it take to grow beautiful roses in Florida? Well, it is simple enough...

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    How to make a Bougainvillea Plant Bloom

    8 years ago

    The Bougainvillea is one of the most spectacular plants for their colorful blooms and for their versatility. Follow these simple tips and delight in the magnificent display of color in your garden.


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