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Golden Elevator **MY VIDEO EPISODES** - This is my new series of videos wherein I will be showing my personal experience of getting my Artwork recognized :)

Come Join me on YouTube!

If you friend me, I'll friend back :).

Swimming the Streets **RECENTLY UPDATED!**This is the first of the four novels I've written. It's been called Urban Fantasy and also, Hip Hop Fantasy. You can judge for yourself, though. :)

Well, I found HubPages at total random and took a shine to it right off the bat. I enjoy researching and writing, so the opportunity didn't dance in front of my eyes long before I snatched it right up.

My goal here is to write the most honest articles I can, admitting when I'm not an expert and focusing on the more obscure details about topics that interest me. Those topics include animals (both pets and wildlife), entertainment (music, movies, books, games of all kinds and from all sorts of genres), philosophy/mystical topics, history/world cultures and lots more that aren't springing to mind at the moment. The only exception to this is my Very True Facts series of articles, which are intended to be comedy.

I'm writing for the love, as my alias suggests and I'm hoping you might just like what I write!

Thanks for taking a look! :)

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