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I have a passion for protecting dogs. I've found that I can best help dogs by using my marketing expertise to help pet care business owners.

The better and more valuable we can become in our pet care businesses to pet owners - the better live's for dogs!

Dog Business Owners visit me at: http://dogbusinessdaily.com/blog

Oh yeah, I really have a passion for people too! It is my lifelong work to help clear erroneous beliefs that control our present day lives and replace them with bold, imaginative beliefs that create magical lives.

Clear limiting beliefs and create the life you truly desire: http://prosperitywhisperer.com

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  • Ho'oponopono or Law of Attraction

    Ho'oponopono or Law of Attraction

    16 months ago

    If you can hold onto the feelings of prosperity, abundance, happiness and peace you can create that experience for yourself. So why is there a question whether to follow the Law of Attraction or practice Ho'oponopono? ...

  • Ho'oponopono Prayers

    Ho'oponopono Prayers

    9 years ago

    Although I am going to outline prayers for specific cleansings, we do not cleanse to get something.  Our intentions are irrelevant and actually counterproductive. The experience that prompts our cleansing may have...

  • Ho'oponopono and Prosperity

    Ho'oponopono and Prosperity

    9 years ago

    Self Identity through Ho'oponopono founded by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, and taught today by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len at The Foundation of I, Inc is a process of achieving balance in this life through an understanding of...

  • How To Make $100 Today

    How To Make $100 Today

    16 months ago

    I was inspired to write this article after joining a membership site intended to bring people together for the purpose of holding common thoughts of good, healing and abundance to attract good into each others lives and...

  • Narcissistic Wounds and Implications for Adult Behavior

    Narcissistic Wounds and Implications for Adult Behavior

    5 months ago

    As a third generation child of narcissism, I am speaking from experience, not education. All accounts are from my own experience and observation of the family dynamic.

  • How To Practice Ho'oponopono

    How To Practice Ho'oponopono

    6 years ago

    An introduction to the foundational practice of the ancient Hawaiian healing technique called Self Identity Through Ho'oponopono; including tips and tricks for beginners to accelerate their results.