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  • Emelia Maria' Letter

    Emelia Maria' Letter

    14 months ago

  • A Black Rush of Nothingness

    A Black Rush of Nothingness

    2 years ago

    The next few moments became a blur as he tried adjusting his visuals. He wiped his eyes and finally saw the young woman again. The woman wanted him to turn and face the chair, but he couldn't get over the loss of memory which was a complete emptiness.

  • The Wastefulness Of Creation: Part Two

    The Wastefulness Of Creation: Part Two

    2 years ago

    The alley way had no windows, just worn brick and cinder-block patches where windows had once been and most of them were stained with urine and grime. The entrance to the alley way was thin and lined with trash cans and dirty recycle bins that were never used for recycling. The walls were covered wi

  • The Wastefulness of Creation

    The Wastefulness of Creation

    2 years ago

    The priest closed his eyes and felt God reaching over and hugging him. He felt the warmth of The Creator sooth his tired body. It was the comfort that gave him the strength to continue God's work. He knew he was the one chosen for this, and he was honored. The embrace was tighter and shaking from...

  • The Quiet in the Courtroom Was Loud

    The Quiet in the Courtroom Was Loud

    2 years ago

    it was an open and closed case, but the air in that courtroom was antagonizing, and the wait for the verdict was agonizing, the quiet in the courtroom was loud, it carried out into the hallway like a smoke cloud, and it had nothing to say, no news, a quiet riot, the only shouting came from t

  • A Wave of Claustrophobic Darkness

    A Wave of Claustrophobic Darkness

    2 years ago

    With that, he walked toward the crumbled body like a silent shadow on the wall. He hesitated when he reached the body and saw that it was a young, thin girl. She was strangled and her neck popped instantly. He could tell because of the bones sticking out of her flesh. She wasn't smelling badly yet,

  • A Conspiratorial Whisper

    A Conspiratorial Whisper

    2 years ago

    The police were optimistic and they would try to make it a clean arrest so that he wouldn't walk free again. The lead detective on the case would move slowly toward his men and dropped his voice to a conspiratorial whisper

  • He Had a Practiced Pimp Roll

    He Had a Practiced Pimp Roll

    2 years ago

    He was singled out by the rookie because he had a practiced pimp roll. Although he was never a pimp. In fact, he'd always treat women with respect, because of how his grandmother raised him. She didn't have the means to make something out of Gable, but she tried so hard to keep the spirit of Jesus..

  • The Music Was Soft...

    The Music Was Soft...

    2 years ago

    The Lavender scent dominated the hallway when she opened the bathroom door. It was almost intoxicating. It made her even forget about the doctor's report that clearly indicated that her tumor was too close to the heart, and it caused the cancer to spread throughout her body. The report did not sugge

  • Locomotive...


    2 years ago

    Robert Pierce moved his head over the table to show a complete willingness to discuss the violent death of Labria James. He mentioned everything in detail and how he killed her right in front of her quivering husband who only begged not to be killed. Pierce felt that small satisfaction to murdering

  • Feeling the Fire of Anger and Hurt

    Feeling the Fire of Anger and Hurt

    2 years ago

    Robbery was never a consideration even though she had several hundred dollars in her purse. She wanted to offer it to him if he would just leave, but she knew it wouldn't have made a difference. He would have taken it and still made the violence primary.

  • A Dead Sleep...

    A Dead Sleep...

    2 years ago

    A cold breeze brushed past his face probably reminding him of how death would feel. He could almost see the darkness opening up the floor directly in front of him and inviting him in. Daring him to step closer and join the dead.

  • A Ghost Rose...

    A Ghost Rose...

    2 years ago

    A ghost rose and tried to keep the gray shadow away from the souls. The ghost fought the downpour as it pointed to the shadow. His finger was long, bony and crooked at every natural bend.

  • Obliterated


    2 years ago

    Pushing through the flames one body at a time he knew that the destruction of human life would be minimal. That was his plan, that was his goal.

  • Two Sides Of Darkness

    Two Sides Of Darkness

    2 years ago

    One shadow was darker than the other and the pattern of darkness made them very different even though they came from the same person. Each shadow had a different personality and emotion as the old wom

  • Blessed Be The Truly Unwise.

    Blessed Be The Truly Unwise.

    2 years ago

    Taylor and Cruz climbed out of the unmarked cruiser and walked slowly to the door. Each one of them stood on the outside of the entrance gathering their wits. Cruz was fighting back the urge to simply

  • Waiting for the Mourners to Arrive

    Waiting for the Mourners to Arrive

    2 years ago

    The doctor walked away from the casket and stopped at the wooden doors. On each side of the doors were pools of holy water designated for dipping. She wiped her hands on her jeans and then put a finge

  • Homicide Division

    Homicide Division

    2 years ago

    In the homicide division there was no way around it. The money was used and the taxpayers were the ones footing the bill. There was no making money for the job they were paid to do. There was no other

  • All the Grief and Despair

    All the Grief and Despair

    2 years ago

    Her reflection started laughing uncontrollably that it made her step back a foot. She knew it wasn't real, but nonetheless the proof was right there. It could have been just a simple hallucination, as

  • Judged by His Peers and Not by God

    Judged by His Peers and Not by God

    2 years ago

    The memories of the murder he committed came rushing back like rats fleeing a basement after a pipe burst. He wanted to be judged by his peers and not by God. He wanted to be taken alive and he wanted

  • Louder, But Barely Audible

    Louder, But Barely Audible

    2 years ago

    The adrenaline that held his body tight was wearing thin as he headed for a clearing in the brush. He dropped the body by his feet and snapped out a small shovel that was secured to his belt. He looke

  • Absolutely Irrational

    Absolutely Irrational

    2 years ago

    The young dead black woman from the city projects was beaten and then raped. Her mother worked several jobs to pay the bills and save for her only daughter's college. Living in the housing projects wa

  • His Panic Was Peeling Back

    His Panic Was Peeling Back

    2 years ago

    The horror and dark memories of the last time he stood at the door came rushing back. It taunted with him as he screamed as loud as he could. The scream echoed off the emptiness inside and attacked hi

  • The Suicide Note

    The Suicide Note

    2 years ago

    He would laugh and throw his head back like he forgot that Emily had died twenty years ago. He kissed the broom and he pushed the imaginary hair out of Emily's face which was sweaty from the dancing.

  • The Paramedics

    The Paramedics

    2 years ago

    There at the emergency room, they were told that the hospital policy accepted patients who were at least clinging to life. They were turned away and the flustered paramedics would mill over that de...

  • Death Wanted a Murder

    Death Wanted a Murder

    2 years ago

    Death would have been blessed if it was a double homicide where no one was guaranteed to survive. The bullets racing toward a vital organ and making the victim or victims collapse to the cement gaspin

  • Ten Seconds of Silence

    Ten Seconds of Silence

    2 years ago

    The emotive crest of a man contemplating suicide came in cold moments. Curtis had a pistol on the dresser with only one bullet in the chamber. It was all he needed....

  • A Paid Snitch

    A Paid Snitch

    2 years ago

    The heavy set snitch said nothing as his dark face somehow reddened. Cruz drove up in down the street in cold silence. He figured he'd stay quiet for about an hour no matter what chubby does or says.

  • Real Prestige With the Department's Brass

    Real Prestige With the Department's Brass

    2 years ago

    That made eight dead Uber drivers in the Park City since August. Of course they were all female and all unsolved. The murders had their own signatures, two were a beating to death, three were rape-mu

  • Trading Bleeders

    Trading Bleeders

    2 years ago

    It was a perfect-picture domestic from the kitchen of that run down building. A 72 year old visiting grandfather coming from North Carolina found himself stretched across a roach worn linoleum floor.

  • . . . A Psychological Profile

    . . . A Psychological Profile

    3 years ago

    Chambers glanced back over to the derelict, who seemed to be enjoying the interrogation. The smile on his face seemed exaggerated which suggested amusement. It was so difficult to comprehend the......

  • Those Three Words Crept Over King's Mountain

    Those Three Words Crept Over King's Mountain

    3 years ago

    Sister Teresa Keller was just as startled as King when she walked into the kitchen and saw the teenager standing there holding a gun to her face. For King it was an involuntary reaction that made him

  • And Then Silence...

    And Then Silence...

    3 years ago

    William Washington swallowed hard. He moved his head into the apartment just a bit, but still had enough to keep the conversation with O'Brien going. He snapped his fingers as if trying to recall some

  • Subtle Forms of Manipulation

    Subtle Forms of Manipulation

    3 years ago

    O'Brien knew that somewhere deep down inside him, he could handle a drink. He never truly believed he can go on with his life in the state of sobriety. If he planned to drink after weeks out of rehab,

  • By Virtue

    By Virtue

    2 years ago

    Chambers knew that every visit to the autopsy room reaffirmed a detective's need for a mental buffer between the living and the dead. The freezer held more than a dozen bodies just waiting for the dis

  • The Official Report

    The Official Report

    23 months ago

    ....the young corroded, their futures eroded, and the official report stated, that it was merely gang violence which exploded.

  • A Lonely Spirit

    A Lonely Spirit

    2 years ago

    the night air was damp, and a lonely spirit kept speaking, how each time he spoke, he seemed to arise out of a state of contemplation,

  • God's Gift of Breath

    God's Gift of Breath

    2 years ago

    It was a difficult case, he wanted to work on it at a quicker pace, and what triggered it


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