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I guess a little bit about me goes here.... Lets see, I was born in Hartford Connecticut. I enjoy writing dramatic poetry, and fiction. I love writing my Nick PT Barnum Stories.. The latest is titled

When the Kingdom comes, God Will Understand..


If you wanna read a novel free on-line click the link and if you like Nick PT Barnum-- check out my latest book-- wait for it... At the nearesrt on-line bookstore!!! LOL just kidding enjoy the free book on-line Friends


And my E-Books are Now available for just 3.99

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  • Louder, But Barely Audible

    Louder, But Barely Audible

    4 days ago

    The adrenaline that held his body tight was wearing thin as he headed for a clearing in the brush. He dropped the body by his feet and snapped out a small shovel that was secured to his belt. He looke

  • Absolutely Irrational

    Absolutely Irrational

    3 weeks ago

    The young dead black woman from the city projects was beaten and then raped. Her mother worked several jobs to pay the bills and save for her only daughter's college. Living in the housing projects wa

  • His Panic Was Peeling Back

    His Panic Was Peeling Back

    3 weeks ago

    The horror and dark memories of the last time he stood at the door came rushing back. It taunted with him as he screamed as loud as he could. The scream echoed off the emptiness inside and attacked hi

  • The Suicide Note

    The Suicide Note

    2 weeks ago

    He would laugh and throw his head back like he forgot that Emily had died twenty years ago. He kissed the broom and he pushed the imaginary hair out of Emily's face which was sweaty from the dancing.

  • The Paramedics

    The Paramedics

    5 weeks ago

    There at the emergency room, they were told that the hospital policy accepted patients who were at least clinging to life. They were turned away and the flustered paramedics would mill over that de...

  • Death Wanted a Murder

    Death Wanted a Murder

    6 weeks ago

    Death would have been blessed if it was a double homicide where no one was guaranteed to survive. The bullets racing toward a vital organ and making the victim or victims collapse to the cement gaspin

  • Ten Seconds of Silence

    Ten Seconds of Silence

    6 weeks ago

    The emotive crest of a man contemplating suicide came in cold moments. Curtis had a pistol on the dresser with only one bullet in the chamber. It was all he needed....

  • A Paid Snitch

    A Paid Snitch

    7 weeks ago

    The heavy set snitch said nothing as his dark face somehow reddened. Cruz drove up in down the street in cold silence. He figured he'd stay quiet for about an hour no matter what chubby does or says.

  • Real Prestige With the Department's Brass

    Real Prestige With the Department's Brass

    7 weeks ago

    That made eight dead Uber drivers in the Park City since August. Of course they were all female and all unsolved. The murders had their own signatures, two were a beating to death, three were rape-mu

  • Trading Bleeders

    Trading Bleeders

    5 weeks ago

    It was a perfect-picture domestic from the kitchen of that run down building. A 72 year old visiting grandfather coming from North Carolina found himself stretched across a roach worn linoleum floor.

  • . . . A Psychological Profile

    . . . A Psychological Profile

    11 months ago

    Chambers glanced back over to the derelict, who seemed to be enjoying the interrogation. The smile on his face seemed exaggerated which suggested amusement. It was so difficult to comprehend the......

  • Those Three Words Crept Over King's Mountain

    Those Three Words Crept Over King's Mountain

    11 months ago

    Sister Teresa Keller was just as startled as King when she walked into the kitchen and saw the teenager standing there holding a gun to her face. For King it was an involuntary reaction that made him

  • And Then Silence...

    And Then Silence...

    11 months ago

    William Washington swallowed hard. He moved his head into the apartment just a bit, but still had enough to keep the conversation with O'Brien going. He snapped his fingers as if trying to recall some

  • Subtle Forms of Manipulation

    Subtle Forms of Manipulation

    11 months ago

    O'Brien knew that somewhere deep down inside him, he could handle a drink. He never truly believed he can go on with his life in the state of sobriety. If he planned to drink after weeks out of rehab,

  • By Virtue

    By Virtue

    11 months ago

    Chambers knew that every visit to the autopsy room reaffirmed a detective's need for a mental buffer between the living and the dead. The freezer held more than a dozen bodies just waiting for the dis

  • Reality Was Never Far Away...

    Reality Was Never Far Away...

    7 weeks ago

    The sheriff was a good guy, he treated everyone who came into the building with respect, and all the faces had names. He knew them all. It was a different world from the hard streets back home.

  • In the Flashes of Images

    In the Flashes of Images

    5 months ago

    He would not bargain with God for his life, because it was what he deserved for killing over a hundred men in battle. He saw flesh pop and explode as their blood sprayed all over the fresh greenery...

  • Screaming Into the Darkness of Her Despair

    Screaming Into the Darkness of Her Despair

    5 weeks ago

    There were dried branches being broken by heavy footfalls. Jenny didn’t know whether to run and hide or call out for help. Fear got the best of her and it was as if fear just gathered there and concentrated itself in...

  • Friday Night's Violence

    Friday Night's Violence

    6 weeks ago

    A shooting at a local bar, it was Friday night's violence....

  • One Candle Burned

    One Candle Burned

    6 weeks ago

    Only one candle burned on the window pain, the slow mist outside became driven rain....

  • Friday, July 30th

    Friday, July 30th

    6 weeks ago

    It’s everyone’s worst fear, the shouts and screams and curses rise and fall, with the temperature in standing, fetid air, the last Friday in July,

  • A Nativity Scene, Brooklyn Style

    A Nativity Scene, Brooklyn Style

    4 weeks ago

    The fire alarm went off at the projects...

  • Euphoric...


    9 months ago

    the dead spirits far away, their sorrows would play, as my hand moved toward my throat, lingering there as the cries grew, I drew a small, slow breath,

  • Had She Done Something Wrong?

    Had She Done Something Wrong?

    9 months ago

    What could have caused such a reaction? Had she done something wrong?

  • Religion Failed Man

    Religion Failed Man

    9 months ago

    two poems here for your entertainment Like Dust and Religion failed man...

  • God's Compelling Realism

    God's Compelling Realism

    5 months ago

    Trapped In A Sin She prayed faster and faster, prayers tripping one over the other, her breath she tried to draw, her throat burning and raw

  • Too Much To Take

    Too Much To Take

    9 months ago

    His face, suspicious with a touch of coldness, no grace...

  • Shadows Dancing in a Ghetto Ballet

    Shadows Dancing in a Ghetto Ballet

    6 weeks ago

    The shadows were dancing in this ghetto ballet....

  • A Chorus of Complaints

    A Chorus of Complaints

    2 months ago

    The thick clouds followed the contour of golden hills moving with flocks of sea ghosts...