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I started wrting poem on Hubpages. Although I enjoyed creating them I had little success in getting them read by many people. (I have since unpublished them all)

Then I started to create Acrostic poems and now have noticed a great many people searching for their names to be created into a poems.

I am happy to create an acrostic poem for you, just search for your name, if it's not there drop me a request on the page of the letter that your name starts with.

If you are after a special acrostic poem with more personal notes then send me an email with details, I won't publish it here if you want to retain your privacy.

If you've read this far and are still interested I live in Australia. No we don't have kangaroo's hopping in our backyards (only echidnas scurrying around!).

I write acrostic poems for girls as they are the main audience that search for there acrostic names in Google. (so please don't be offended).

Anyway, best wishes,


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