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HI there,

I joined Hubpages 7 years ago, as a happily married woman with two daughters aged 10 & 2 yrs sliding into my thirties nicely...

I'm now here again divorced a couple of years away from sliding into my forties, now a single mum with one daughter at home. My youngest now 8. Time flies I know trust me!

Life's changed a lot more of a challange less tense but a hundred times more relaxed and comical. For the first time it was a shock it was me that had to climb in the attic to bring the xmas decs down.... THAT'S when life hit me like a brick wall! But that's a whole different story.

I hope most of what I write helps, makes someone smile, it's like home help D.I.Y therapy for me.

Happy Reading and very pleased to meet you.

Hazel B x

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