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HealthyHanna lives in Utah. More than dogs and cats, I loves people, children, brain research, learning, traveling, personal wellness, educating and helping others, healing the environment and books.

Author of Chatter Batter Books, A book series of resources for parents and Speech-Language Pathologists to reinforce speech intervention in children.

Philosophy: Changing the world begins within.

We can make a difference.

Quarantine sickness OUT health IN.

My online business is Wellness: TreeSap Enterprises -Your Online Eco Wellness Store

LiquidZeolite is proven to work EVERY time.

Pi-Water Home Purification Centers

Liquid Zeolite

Ion Air Purifiers

My Home Business is: The Wellness Connection

To be truly healthy you must find balance in mind, body, family/relationships, community betterment, and money management/health.

Favorite Sayings:

If you keep doing what you are already doing, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

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    I Am A "Downwinders" Suvivor

    2 years ago

    I was born in 1952 before the term ‘downwinders’ was coined. Because of the Cold War, I remember nuclear survival training in elementary school. “Radiation Poisoning” were scary words. We had drills and were...