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  • Hummingbirds Haiku

    Hummingbirds Haiku

    2 months ago

    If I am correct, Haiku has 3 lines with a specific amount of syllables in each, that being 5-7-5.

  • Pete the Parakeet

    Pete the Parakeet

    2 months ago

    I wrote this around 40 years ago. Man, I must be old. It's about my silly, cute parakeet named Pete. For any of you youngin's who don't know; a "record" is a round piece of vinyl with grooves in it which spins on a tunrtable and plays music. Oh, and it has two sides! ha, ha, ha ;-)

  • To Rick My Brother

    To Rick My Brother

    2 months ago

    I wrote this in memory of my brother who died with a needle in his arm in Huntington Beach in 1996, just a day before a doctor appointment where he was trying to get clean

  • Genuine Reality

    Genuine Reality

    2 months ago

    I wrote this one in thinking about relationships within the church and how much they affect others good or bad.

  • My Dear And Forbidden Friend

    My Dear And Forbidden Friend

    2 months ago

    A poem for thankfulness for a dear friend of the opposite sex during a time when I wondered if it were possible to have one

  • Unfulfilled Love

    Unfulfilled Love

    3 months ago

    A poem about the deepest love I ever experienced after it was too late to pursue it,

  • You and Me (Not Taking Chances)

    You and Me (Not Taking Chances)

    2 months ago

    Best Friends wishing it could be more

  • Meeting My Forever Friend

    Meeting My Forever Friend

    3 months ago

    Imagining what it would be like to meet a penpal I have (imaginatively) fallen in love with. . . I let my wander and do its own thing as I picture the events in my head and the words appear in my brain as the pictures do and I capture them and put them down in written form before they slip away

  • I Married My Rapist Because I Thought It Was Right

    I Married My Rapist Because I Thought It Was Right

    2 months ago

    Girl meets boy. Boy has something wrong with him. Girl wants to break up with him but feels intimidated.Then boy rapes girl and she believes it is her job to make things right with God. Girl is very confused and is now, at age 55, learning to heal from her past. Which is still very much her present

  • He Doesnt Know Because He Cannot See

    He Doesnt Know Because He Cannot See

    3 months ago

    A poem I wrote to aid those in coping with emotional abuse and marital neglect

  • Telling Myself the Truth So That I Can Be Real With  Others

    Telling Myself the Truth So That I Can Be Real With Others

    3 months ago

    Realizing I have been telling myself lies and learning to be honest with myself, and how that leads to the happiness I did not know that I could have

  • Perception vs Reality

    Perception vs Reality

    3 months ago

    Perceived vs Actual Realities As a married, middle aged woman who stays home all day and tends house, people will often ask me what I do all day. The starkness of such an empty enquiry never ceases to perplex the deep recesses of my mind, and I can't help but feel a painful twinge of sympathetic co


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