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I been putting this off for as long as I could but if you read some of these great hubs, the bio is something that you need to do. To start out with I'm not to bright when it comes to writing. I can't write or spell to good ( thank goodness for the net and tools )but I love to write about things but always to shy to do it. At first I started this to make money like most here, but after i started to do some hubs i got to love it .Don't get me wrong I like the money that can be made but this is a escape for me. It get things off my mind when I'm writing a article and trying to find out info on what I,m writing about. All I can say is if you want to try to make money writing articles or driving traffic to your website or what ever you have you got to enjoy it before you can get ahead. The # 1 thing to do is read what the people here has to say here on hudpages, there are some great articles here to learn from. OK iI did my bio if you check on me from time to time I will get better, (I hope lol ). Of course i got to this, if you want to write and say something thats on you mind or anything eles Sign Up to HubPages now ,you will have a great time with it.

Hubbers keep on putting them out. we all can learn from your Articles.

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