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Hi, I’m Howard Young. Welcome to my profile page on HubPages.com.

First off, I’m not a professional writer or internet marketer but a lowly software developer with many years of experience. I chose my profession back in the late ‘70’s where I cut my programming skills on the Apple ][. Looking back the past 30 years, I don’t regret a single thing except perhaps not authoring a book on programming or some technical aspect of my career. But technology changes like the blink of an eye and by the time I would put the final touches on the book, it would be obsolete before its published.

That is why I love Hubpages.com. You can pen a few articles and still pretend that you’re a writer. You can publish them right away and get instant gratification.

As you can tell, with my dozen or so Hubs, that I don’t publish too often. So I guess I’m still in the pretend stage. But when I dip my toe in the inkwell, the temperature is warm so that when I jump into the article writing pool, I often like write about my life experiences and how it may help you.

For example, the past year, we spent a great deal of time at Disneyland as guests and twice as Cast Members singing in the Candlelight Processional. We enjoy Disneyland so much that we became Annual Passport holders after we figured out that is the best way to buy cheap Disneyland tickets.

When we’re not at Disneyland, we take care of our three Dachshunds, Chloe, Odie and Molly. Dogs give you an unusual and interesting perspective on life. We spoil them and we’re always buying toys and things for them. I like to dress Odie up in sweaters to keep him warm since he has short hair and is always cold. But I always seem to get his size wrong. This is why I wrote a hub about “How to Measure Your Dog for Clothes.” Now I have the correct sizes for all my Doxies filed on my Evernote account.

Occasionally I write about my career and that past 10 years, I’ve been developing Linux Kernel device drivers. From that standpoint, you may want to learn about Virtual and Dedicated Servers and how they apply to web hosting. Virtual Technology is starting to mature and we as consumers are going to see some very interesting products in the near future.

I’m sure that I could rattle on for another page or two, but I want to keep it short and give you a brief introduction and welcome you to my Hubpages.

Happy reading,

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