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I'm a professor of biomedical materials in San Antonio, with degrees in chemistry from Louisiana State Univ. and molecular biophysics from Florida State Univ., and a career in military, industry, research institute, and academics, ranging from petroleum to food products, to environment, to oral health care and biomedical materials.

At 81 I'm still working, not retired, have NIH grant support, two grand daughters and one son. Enjoying research and teaching.

The grant has a catchy name: OASys. Stands for Oxirane-Acrylate Interpenetrating netword polymer System. It is an effort to make tooth-colored dental fillings ("composites") be resistant to various kinds of degradation in the mouth, and last up to twice as long as this type of material that is currently used.

Beginning to be technology challenged: Just bought a new car with advanced electronic and computing features: the back up feature is great but I had to call the dealer to find out how to open the glove compartment (where I actually keep a single glove) in order to figure out what a blinking red light on the dashboard was telling me. Turned out it was signaling that all secrithy systems were working. Oh well!

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