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Welcome to Iggyville.

Iggy Sarducci, as you may guess, is a pen name. I am a writer, drummer, athlete, live music lover, dancer, research obsessive, chess hack, motorcycle dirt bike rider, smartass, and wannabe pragmatist. I am always seeking fun, amusement, knowledge, and connection through whatever channels trip my switch at the moment. I am bloody curious (as in inquisitive... but sure, also as in freakish) and am always wanting to better understand life, the characters around me, myself, and our mad mad world - especially within my tiny spheres of influence.

Writing is in my blood; as is hitting things with sticks, running after colorful flying objects, problem solving, and pranksterism. I love creative expression in many forms. I spend a lot of my time playing music, studying musicians, and listening to music. Hours drift by, also, as I play chess and search for humor and enlightenment in videos, pix, and writing. I have painted also, and although my visual arts instincts are passionate, my painting skills are dashingly mediocre. But conjuring with the written word has been a lifelong passion and a craft I have developed into a modestly successful career path.

The main reasons I love to write are to clarify my own thoughts and ever-shifting beliefs, and to help others get their kicks or learn whatever may ease their rocky rides. And more selfishly, I often write to grease peoples' tightly grasped points-of-view. My intention is to slide the world towards greater freedom, fun, and freakness - towards becoming a kinder tourist trap for the other lost souls rambling around it. Cheers to mad laughs, loose adventures, wild abandon and deeper connections along your trip!

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