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  • How To Create Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Fog / Bubbly Fog

    How To Create Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Fog / Bubbly Fog

    7 years ago

    Creating a creepy and spooky graveyard effect for Halloween is one of the most fun things to do for this Holiday! Have you ever thought about having a cloud of fog coming out of your personalized and carved Jack-O-Lantern to set the scene? There is...

  • Haunted German Castles

    Haunted German Castles

    7 years ago

    There are over 25,000 castles in Germany today; some are only ruins, but many of them are well-preserved and home to museums, restaurants and even hotels. So why are there so many castles in Germany? During the Middle Ages, the country was divided...

  • William and Kate Official Royal Wedding Favors and Gifts

    William and Kate Official Royal Wedding Favors and Gifts

    7 years ago

    The Wedding Count Down is coming to an end, 2 more days and Prince William and Kate Middleton will say their "I Do'S" on April 29th 2011! Their Wedding Favors are ready, Royal Wedding Souvenirs and Gifts are made all over the world. From rings, to...

  • Why do we Taste - 10 Questions for your Sense of Taste

    Why do we Taste - 10 Questions for your Sense of Taste

    7 years ago

    Why do we taste anything? We mostly eat to indulge, but our sense of taste is also a form of controlling substance. Sweet things will basically announce carbohydrates, that means energy - in times of food shortage, an element to stay alive. Today,...

  • Henna Hair Dye Color Natural and No Chemicals

    Henna Hair Dye Color Natural and No Chemicals

    5 years ago

    Henna Hair Color originates from a plant called "Lawsonia Intermis" which grows mostly in Northafrica, India or Egypt. Their leaves will be harvested around fall, they will be dried and processed into a green powder, the Henna Powder". For years,...

  • What do Icelandic Horses eat , Fish ?

    What do Icelandic Horses eat , Fish ?

    5 years ago

    The first Icelandic Horses were brought over to Iceland between 865- and 930 AD by early settlers called "Vikings". These horses mostly came from England and Ireland and were called "Keltic Pony's". The Vikings crossed them with "Germanic Pony's"...


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