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It's not easy to introduce ourselves actually. Oops...I mean...myself.

Starting up with my own blog, that's 5 years back when I was totally no idea yet have seen the potential to earn revenue online...it led me all the way happily from the scratch when I was so new to article writing.

Hubpages, another new milestone for me to start off I supposed, which frankly, I am attracted for its passive income.

Well, who doesn't want the passive income and who could resist those incomes that keep coming if we do it seriously and correctly even when there are days that we just need to be away from the computer. (Do join me if you are pursuing such amazing lifestyle...)

However, besides the passive income that encourages us most, I bet you agree that the most important reason that cannot be denied is that we have the passion for it, yes, the passion for writing.

Oops, before I end my profile, did I forget to let you know that I am a mother of two boys at their age of 19 and 17.

Me? A middle age lady of course who realized the importance of health somewhere at my mid-thirty.

That's a sad yet great and unforgettable experience in my life I would say. Well, for years of tears and fears, my health collapsed, depression attacked me, yet, I found I was blessed somehow, with that, I have come to my sense and thus...I have all those great compliments since then which seemed really unbelievable to me in my life.

Well, I should be content enough to have the compliments of sexy, healthy, fit, young, gorgeous, energetic, cheerful and active in my forty... and I am so blessed that I found my interest and can now focus on my writing since then...you might find a bit of grammar errors here and there (well, may be a lot I am afraid...), but that's still fine, I mean after all I am a Chinese educated and well, graduated only with my secondary certificate...but I know lots of readers (including you I am hoping) out there still keep giving me the chance to pick up myself, if not, give me the chance to word out...

With the encouragements always, I am really dare enough to be here to share my writing which would cover various topics as what I always do on my blog...

Don't leave me alone here as I would always need your encouragement, support, care and love...Be with me always as I always hope to be with you all wherever I would we...

Cheers always...

With love...

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